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The Beatbind project is becoming more famous every day. There is a high possibility that the project will become an industry leader with a fantastic team at work. The theory is certainly useful to both of us. This is a very profitable project, and the team is working very hard on this project, so this project is going to make us a very good benefit. We who sponsor this project would surely do our best to gain a lot of biodiversity benefits. We’re at the beginning of the process, so we know the framework, and we can spread the voice and encourage people to join this incredible project. BeatBind seeks to be the long-awaited forum for music festival organisations, with BBND being the cryptocurrency token used for all its purchases. Today, the state of the music program industry is extremely fractured, with each person’s unique network restricting their scope. The internet proves that it’s not what the world wants to do — as other sectors shift towards transparent digital solutions, the music festival business is lagging further behind. Scalping and ticket fakes take value from the organisers, and the lack of data analysis and collection makes sales estimates incorrect, which in turn places events at risk of becoming a venture — hurting bands, venues and fans alike.

The aim of BeatBind is to solve these problems one by one through the growth of the Platform and the broader ecosystem. The core concept is to make it possible for all partners in the event organization’s environment to collaborate and communicate effectively. We would take advantage of the strong demand for the best artists, organisers and venues and dramatically raise their prices across a range of auction models. BeatBind will provide new artists with more exposure both domestically and internationally. In addition, fans can buy tickets directly from the organisers of all BeatBind activities, avoiding theft, forgery and scalping of tickets. New freebies on a market like this would require the creation of a range of activities, from concerts and festivals to exclusive private parties. As the Platform scales, barriers to entry can be greatly reduced by both stakeholders. And eventually, as an official token, BBND can absorb much of the new value that will be generated for the first time in the world on BeatBind.

Why would you invest in BEATBIND?

Music festivals are one of the most profitable companies in the industry. In-person activities have come to a stop as a result of the COVID pandemic. Artists, administrators and festival organisers had to switch to digital platforms. Some musicians used Instagram to make use of their Live so that they could continue playing for their fans. Some of the digital albums released via YouTube were also very successful. Creators of streaming services have seen an opportunity that is more flexible and sustainable. They leveraged their subscription platforms to provide immersive concerts and music festivals.


Mankind had an agricultural revolution, an economic revolution, and now this last, an intelligence revolution.” -Masayoshi Son, CEO @SoftBank, the second richest individual in Japan.

Organizing an event of any scale remains a slow and manual operation, with high cost and connection barriers. Quality artists or venues are difficult to access Lack of contacts is limiting rising artists and new venues The agencies and middlemen are sluggish, rigid, and costly.


4 stage platform

Artists are paired with venues and organizers.

  • Let’s imagine you’re a DJ, and you want the best price for a Friday night performance. Let the venues battle with you! Show off your portfolio, pick when you’re eligible for a show, and let event organisers outbid each other as you get better and better deals.
  • The BeatBind Platform supports all players in the music event industry:
  • Party Music groups-let the venues & organizers bid on you, increase your sales.
    Event Organizers-Let musicians bid on your chance, so you’re going to lower your costs and get the most out of it.
    Venue owners-outsource event organization to the most dedicated operators.


Seamless BeatBind Event Ticketing Exclusive access to all BeatBind activities tickets Transparent pricing, no risk of theft, forgery or scalping of tickets Fans have the option to get fares back and get refunded. Fans will pre-purchase tickets before an event takes place.
Seamless crowdfunding for the BeatBind Event Our superior ticketing system encourages the purchasing of tickets for activities currently being organized, enabling an initial capital inflow to the organizers. This method of seamless crowdfunding gives smaller venues the means to get big stars together. The money will be refunded to viewers if the case does not materialize.


A strong project, a straightforward road map for an established and successful team. This is a very profitable project, and the team is working very hard on this project, so this project is going to make us a very good benefit.




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