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Cryptocurrency was initially described as a payment mechanism that enables people to conduct transactions easily, without the involvement of third parties, and in a straightforward, safe, and anonymous manner. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder, designed Bitcoin to defeat a bureaucratic financial structure that is vulnerable to corruption and is dominated by a single entity. With the growth and advancement of the cryptocurrency or blockchain ecosystem, a variety of new investing strategies have arisen, and they have proved to be more effective and lucrative investment vehicles than conventional financial returns. Innovative ventures with high return investments emerge in the crypto industry on a regular basis, such as BELA TOKEN, which would draw major sector investments. Why? Since this project seeks to develop a safe and decentralized working paradigm, as well as a new groundbreaking NFT project. BELA TOKEN is the project you’ve been looking forward to. But we’ll just talk about it below.

About Bela Token

Bela is a Binance Smart Chain deflationary, auto-mining token that rewards its holders. Any time a trade occurs on the Bela website, whether it is a buy or sale, token holders will be rewarded immediately to their wallets. Not just that, but Bela also offers lending/borrowing, liquidity pools, and farms from common farming pools directly from the user-friendly dashboard.

Bela is one of the sites that use the Binance Smart Chain; it is a deflationary, auto-mining token on the Binance Smart Chain that helps users to earn prizes simply by keeping Bela tokens. Users will gain entry to the Bela ecosystem as token holders and will collect passive liquid profits for any purchase on the Bela website.

Join Us on Our Journey to a $2 Billion Market Cap

Nobody would have expected that the cryptocurrency industry would be this large today; at first, many people dismissed cryptocurrency and predicted that it would fail because it was a risk and a fraud. Those who formerly dismissed cryptocurrencies have now recognized and begun to invest in this sector. Similarly, no one would be able to forecast the future of Bela. Furthermore, the Bela token is one of the networks that are a part of the DeFi world, which has seen tremendous growth in the cryptocurrency industry. Bela is a token that allows holders to receive daily passive profits in the form of tokens in their wallets.


Bela is a Binance Smart Chain deflationary, auto-mining token that rewards token holders directly into their wallets. Token holders will earn passive income on a daily basis simply by owning Bela tokens; there is no need to be complicated since Bela can manage anything. The Bela network would allocate rewards in an equitable manner to all token buyers. The income payments that users collect in their wallets will be determined depending on the amount of tokens they carry in the wallet; thus, the more tokens users hold, the higher the incentives they will receive. Not just that, but the Bela token has some other characteristics:

Borrowing and lending: The Bela Platform allows users to borrow and lend money. The Bela token can be used as security for loans.

Bela Charts: The Bela platform creates Next-Gen rich feature DEX charts that are directly embedded into the platform.

Liquidity Pools & Farms: On the user dashboard, the Bela app offers liquidity pools and farms functionality from famous farming pools.

Bela Analytics: The Bela app includes monitoring tools that enable users to monitor their earnings and other Defi / crypto data metrics via the user dashboard.

BELA Token

Bela, as previously said, is a deflationary, auto-mining token on Binance Smart Chain. The Bela token is based on Binance BEP-20 since it was designed on BSC and has a total supply of 944,486,582,625,793,69935 BELA. Since this is a deflationary token, a part of the Bela token stock would be burnt in order to maximize its value and rarity. Users can obtain Bela tokens by using an exchange that supports the Bela token.


  • 5% Tax per transaction
  • Distribution of 3% Among Holders
  • 2% Supply Removal and Burning
  • Real-time Fee Distribution
  • Taxes on Purchases and Sales
  • Deflationary Supply of 1 Quadrillion



Bela token is a token that will provide token holders with passive revenue. Holders can receive prizes in the form of tokens sent directly to their wallets if they only keep Bela tokens in their wallets. Furthermore, via a user-friendly dashboard, users can conveniently access various other features such as lend/borrow, maps, research, liquidity, and farms.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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