BIRB —The defi coin that you’ll actually love to use

MakerDAO, an Ethereum-based lending platform that allows users to produce a coin pegged at 1-to-1 to USD, pioneered decentralized finance in 2017. This year, DeFi has not grown much; nevertheless, one year later, when Uniswap and numerous other financial platforms debuted, the DeFi sector grew dramatically and continues to grow to this day. Even though the DeFi sector has grown over the past 4 years, not all crypto users can use DeFi services due to the lack of education and the appearance that is not very user-friendly.

And, in order for cryptocurrency, particularly DeFi, to be utilized by a large number of people, Birb was prompted to create a digital currency with many features that may simplify a difficult cryptocurrency process and make it more user-friendly for regular users. Birb is a DeFi platform that offers a variety of benefits to all users, including a simple and enjoyable method to make and receive transactions, secretly trade tokens, vote on planned improvements, and more. Because you may be an expert in the bitcoin market, but when it comes to DeFi, you may be novice, and Birb wants rookie users like you to be able to effortlessly use different DeFi functions.


People may earn passive money using the DeFi platform, which has become popular in recent months. As a result, many people began to use the DeFi platform to optimize their profits. But that’s not all; DeFi has a number of features that enable users to trade tokens, lend/borrow, and so on — it’s a catch-all for various decentralized financial applications. However, many crypto users, particularly novice crypto users, are unable to use the DeFi platform. To address this issue, Birb was developed to provide a user-friendly digital currency, particularly for novice users, that could provide users with numerous DeFi features that would assist them.

Birb will be a cryptocurrency platform that stresses user-friendly services. Because cryptocurrencies should now be more user-friendly, particularly for first-time users. All of these things are predicted with the introduction of Birb, so that mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies may be more widespread, and notably the DeFi protocol may be utilized by more people.


Birb is a platform that focuses on offering cryptocurrency services that promote customer comfort. Users can conduct transactions discreetly on Birb; no one knows the user’s identity, and entirely anonymous transactions are concealed from the public. Users may conduct transactions more conveniently with a few mouse clicks. Birb also has a few more unique characteristics.

  • BirbSwap: Birb makes it simple for users to exchange tokens via a safe decentralized exchange.
  • Birb Voting Platform: Birb was created so that communities with BIRB tokens may vote on planned advancements and the future direction of Birb.
  • Holder Awards: Birb will automatically give rewards equal to 48 percent of drained $BIRB to the top 200 holders every three days.
  • Birb is created by active developers that are experts in their fields.
  • Payments that are safe and secure: Birb intends to provide secure payments on its eCommerce platform, which will safeguard user transactions.

BIRB Token

The Birb platform has released a native token called BIRB, which will act as a utility and governance token. With a total amount of 120,000,000 PLAS, the BIRB coin is based on the Binance BEP-20. Users that possess a BIRB token will receive a variety of perks including as prizes, safer payments, voting privileges, and so on. BIRB tokens may be obtained through a private selling scheme through PancakeSwap.


Birb’s team began this project with the intention of offering a feature-rich DeFi Cryptocurrency that is simple and accessible to anyone. As a result, the Birb team began by building a web application, donating to charity, and securing payments on key e-commerce platforms so that more people could experience the benefits of using Birb.

Birb will establish a voting platform, lottery, transmit money via social media, add privacy features, and other features that will be built if the project is successful. This is achievable provided Birb receives complete community support, which plays a significant role in the platform’s long-term viability.


There are many crypto users in the cryptocurrency market right now, but not many of them are taking use of the DeFi platform’s capabilities, owing to a lack of knowledge and the platform’s complexity. Non-crypto users, in particular, have no idea what bitcoin is. Birb, on the other hand, is a platform focused to offering basic, easy, and user-friendly digital money. Through a highly user-friendly interface, users may transfer transactions or use numerous DeFi functions. Birb’s team created it in such a manner that crypto users, as well as newcomers, can simply utilize it.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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