BLOCKX- Global Settlement Network for Digital Assets, Payments and CBDC

BLOCKX is a Blockchain-based digital asset settlement and payment system. BLOCKX creates and settles digital assets for Fintech solutions such as CBDC, Digital Securities, payments, hedge funds, real estate, and art, as well as compliance, NFTs, and privacy. In the Blockchain age, BLOCKX has evolved from traditional finance to a worldwide multi-chain Payment & Settlement Chain for Digital Assets. BLOCKX Network offers the services of designers, technologists, scientists, and business organizations that are highly professional and devoted to building a more comprehensive global marketplace.

BLOCKX’s major goal is to unleash the world’s economic potential by empowering individuals and making money more flexible. BLOCKX has over 30 thousand community members and 35 motivated staff members after two years of exceptional company. BLOCKX’s diligent efforts and bright future aspirations have resulted in a financial raise objective of up to $20 million.


The BLOCKX community has raised the public’s awareness by offering to hold events directly on our platform. BLOCKX’s aim is to bring additional investment alternatives to the rest of the globe, allowing people to diversify their investment portfolios and make more money. Digital security tokens are our method of expanding investment options globally. The $BCX coin enables the BLOCKX chain and speeds up transactions on the Tokenizer platform. The $BCX token includes investment options for stake players on the Tokenizer market. Because asset-backed tokens and securities have both become a single point of legality, the $BCX token has opened the door to new possibilities for its users.

Using asset-backed $BCX tokens, users may freely invest in real estate, hedge funds, arts, NFTs, venture capital, and even borrow loans, secure bonds, and receive insurance. Early investors will get two additional benefits: first, a Sale Bonus of up to +20 percent BCX Tokens (available until the end of the Token Sale), and second, an Amount Bonus of +25 percent, +50 percent, or +75 percent BCX Tokens based on original investment (until end of Token Sale). To get the Sale and Number Bonus, participants must first register on the BLOCKX network, after which the amount of tokens will be promptly computed and given to the wallet depending on the original investment. BCX Tokens may be used for staking and delegating these tokens on-chain to earn 20% APY and many more options.


Privacy is not just a personal issue, but also a societal value, and it is essential in a free and democratic society. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) provides several benefits and is a simple instrument; yet, CBDC does not adhere to privacy, which is a mistake. To safeguard privacy, the CBDC must have comprehensive, high-level security. Security should contain both technical discussion of applicable algorithms and organizational actions.

When it comes to BLOCKX, it now achieves a true balance between privacy and openness. It protects users’ privacy while satisfying major banks’ compliance criteria to prevent money laundering and tax avoidance. Its system gives the major banks and technological infrastructure required to securely and efficiently print, distribute, and monitor CBDC near notes and coins. Built-in compliance elements, such as a public warehouse and a large network of international anchors, provide transparency and safety. BLOCKX also offers global access to USDC and other stable currencies, as well as extremely rapid and efficient transactions. It facilitates a seamless transaction when utilizing Blockchain technology to execute cross-border payments, and it enables the realization of real estate assets using BLOCKX’s — BCX native coin.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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