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Nowadays, information can be obtained freely from numerous platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Quora, and so on. Users can publish and access information on these platforms, but they are solely restricted to contributors, who participate in delivering information without making money. Similarly, with regard to the information supplied, not all of these platforms give the information that users require on a single page; in some cases, users must open multiple tabs or pages to get information from several platforms, which is inconvenient for users.

But what happens when you can readily access a variety of information through a single portal? This is the answer provided by ccFOUND, a blockchain-based educational platform that provides users with access to information and wisdom. ccFOUND is a hybrid of the Udemy, Quora, and Wikipedia platforms, allowing users to ask questions, submit comments, read news and analyses, and do a variety of other things through a single unique and modern educational site.

About Wisdom

Perhaps you often utilize services such as Udemy, Quora, Wikipedia, or other educational websites. However, sometimes the information accessible or the questions we ask are not what we expected, so you must hunt for alternative information on other platforms, which you must do repeatedly until you discover the correct information. This makes it tough for us as users because we have to open numerous tabs or websites only to find any information. Seeing this issue, ccFOUND has established itself as a blockchain-based education platform where users may exchange information, knowledge, and wisdom. ccFOUND was created for knowledge seekers and suppliers who desire a portal where they may ask questions, post replies, news, and analyses, produce paid e-books, online courses, and perform a variety of other things.

ccFOUND aspires to be a worldwide community that facilitates the exchange and monetization of knowledge, information, and wisdom. As a result, people may not only exchange knowledge, but also make money from it.


ccFOUND is a wisdom marketplace where users may ask questions and contribute to knowledge, analysis, and other educational concerns. Users may trade information, knowledge, and wisdom here, as well as make money. ccFOUND is a worldwide educational platform, which means that all content on this platform is available in different languages. All questions and responses will be translated into every other language by ccFOUND, allowing users from all around the world to participate. But that’s not all; ccFOUND also has the following features:

  • Decentralized Platform: ccFOUND is a decentralized platform that gives people back control.
  • The World’s First Online Space: ccFOUND is the world’s first portal that allows communities to exchange information while also monetizing traffic.
  • Rewards: ccFOUND will provide points and reputation for every user contribution, whether it be a question, an answer, or anything else.
  • Industry Research: ccFOUND was created by a team of seasoned experts who conducted extensive research on the ccFOUND market and its rivals.
  • Actual People: Because ccFOUND is a community-based platform, the questions and answers originate from real people, not machines.


FOUND Token is a native token created by ccFOUND that will serve as both a utility and a reward token. FOUND is a Binance BEP-20-based currency with a total quantity of 2,000,000,000 FOUND Coins. Users that hold a FOUND token will receive various benefits, including the ability to engage in the ecosystem, make investments, and so on. Users can get FOUND tokens through a pre-sale scheme conducted by ccFOUND.


ccFOUND began this project by cooperating with Cryptography Research LTD to develop the original DAO definition and invest in MVP. Following that, ccFOUND undertakes Alpha version, UI/UX tests, ICO development, legal consultations, and new MVP design so that investors may witness ccFOUND in its true form.

Once everything is up and running well, ccFOUND will have a private coin sale, create a new design, launch a public beta version, implement and test the monetization and DAO voting processes, and assess how the platform operates. All of this is achievable provided ccFOUND receives support from users and investors, who play an important role in the platform’s long-term viability.


People may receive knowledge and ask questions on educational sites such as Udemy, Wikipedia, Quora, and others. However, the information offered by various platforms is sometimes jumbled, requiring users to seek across many sites for a single piece of information, which is inconvenient for consumers. And ccFOUND is here to serve as a forum for people to share information, knowledge, and insight. ccFOUND is an educational website that allows users to ask questions, post replies, news, and analyses, as well as publish paid e-books, online courses, webinars, and organize events all from one platform. The mission of ccFOUND is to create a platform that will solve the problem of information anarchy, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, commercialize it, and become the world’s greatest education site that benefits everyone.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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