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CD3D is a coin that was created with the intention of becoming a native token on the CinemaDraft gaming platform. CD3D will be a native coin that will enable and accelerate transactions in CinemaDraft games. CD3D is an innovative token because it not only serves as a token but also as a backbone that will support the operation and development of the CinemaDraft game in the future, as well as a token that will provide its holders with profits through dividends to be distributed and an increase in the token’s value. It is envisaged that by purchasing CD3D tokens, users will be able to not only expedite their transactions but also benefit from them.

The Market

Many gaming and entertainment platforms are increasingly using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The DeFi protocol, in particular, is a recent development that allows consumers to have access to alternative financial solutions that are more profitable than the banks financial system. By utilizing the DeFi protocol, the gaming platform is able to construct a genuine and inclusive economic system that benefits all participants. Adopting the DeFi protocol allows game platforms to establish a more current gaming ecology, hence it is not unexpected that several game platforms have done so.


As a result of this trend, CD3D was created to serve as a native token for CinemaDraft games. CD3D’s goal is to develop an economic system that benefits all members. By employing CD3D tokens, users may increase the security of their transactions. Users may also invest in CD3D tokens to profit from price changes and a variety of additional perks associated with CD3D tokens.

As previously stated in the first section, CD3D was launched to become a token that would benefit all participants. The CD3D token’s benefit will be that its holders will be able to collect dividends of 6% on transaction costs. Users will be rewarded based on the quantity of tokens they own. The more CD3D tokens a user holds, the larger the incentives he or she receives. Investing in tokens is hence the wise choice.

When playing the CinemaDraft game, users will be able to earn CD3D tokens as rewards. This strategy is successful in motivating players to play CinemaDraft for longer and more actively. Users can then trade the tokens they get for other tokens via supported exchanges.

And, in order to protect CD3D’s future, the developer is developing a token with a mechanism that will assure the token’s durability. CD3D has an anti-whale mechanism that restricts transactions to no more than 0.15 percent of total supply in a single transaction. The anti-dumping protocol will then levy a 5% fee for exchange on the exchange, which will be remitted to holders later. Then there’s the burning protocol, which will burn 2.4 percent of transaction fees and purchase back some tokens from the market to raise the token’s basic price. With the protocol, it is envisaged that the CD3D token’s price would remain steady or perhaps rise in the future.

Token Details

As previously stated, the CD3D token was created in order to support different user transactions in the CinemaDraft game. CD3D is intended to be a token that will give stability and compensation to holders while also facilitating user payments and investments. The advantage of possessing CD3D tokens is that users may receive dividends just by keeping this token for more than 30 days; the more tokens kept by users, the higher the dividends they will receive. Users may simply swap CD3D tokens for other BEP-20 tokens on supported exchanges.

Token distribution


Adopting the DeFi protocol allows gaming and entertainment platforms to more effectively and securely conduct transactions on their platforms, as well as build a true and inclusive economic system on the platform. That is why CD3D tokens were created for CinemaDraft games, tokens that would build a true and inclusive economy for CinemaDraft games, facilitating user transactions while also providing them with numerous perks such as dividends, rewards, and so on. CD3D is a token that was created expressly to be a native token for CinemaDraft games on which players may trust.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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