CLIKPAD — Decentralized Multi Chain Powered AI Launchpad

The goal of blockchain and the crypto world is to eliminate reliance on centralized platforms and financial structures. There are still significant players as well as exchanges that are totally regulated. The solution was just introduced in IDO — Initial DEX Offering. The Initial DEX Offering (IDEX) is quickly becoming the favored mechanism for distributing tokens and raising cash in DeFi.

The crypto and Defi Sphere are quickly expanding, with new initiatives and solutions appearing every other month. Due to the strong competition in the crypto sector, it is becoming increasingly difficult for crypto initiatives to effectively tread in the crypto market on a daily basis. Crypto launchpads were presented as a response to the issues that upcoming/startup crypto initiatives face.

Launchpads are cryptocurrency initiatives that are meant to assist future projects in reaching their full potential and widespread acceptance. Launchpads assist new projects in attracting the community, making it easier for them to navigate the crypto landscape. The platforms function similarly to advertising pools, assisting in the collection of crowdfunds. The projects featured in launchpads have been thoroughly verified to ensure that the investors’ money is completely safe.

ClikPad is driven to address some of the ongoing frauds and rug pull that are now ruining the promise of decentralized money. ClikPad aims to bring investors one step closer to a safer crypto experience.


ClikPad is the world’s first Native Decentralized Multi Chain powered AI Launchpad with built-in DEX, removing the single-chain constraints of fund raising for ambitious Multi Chain projects.

ClikPad is the answer for multi-chain initiatives, serving as a bridge to a new organic manner of financing across EVM-based blockchains. Launch your project on our platform and earn $ETH, $BNB, $DOT, and $MATIC.


  • Making Defi safer and more straightforward

Rug pulls, which make Defi less safe, are frequently accomplished by reducing liquidity, rendering the token worthless. Using -liquidity lockings, ClikPad’s Token sale platform will address one of these issues.

  • Democratizing and equalizing IDO launches for the casual crypto investor

The real issue with how Token Sales operate in crypto is that allocations for private Token Sales are given to influencers, venture capitalists, and well-connected people. As a result, ordinary consumers frequently miss out on early investments. ClikPad will prioritize token holders and stakers using the Pool Weight Score.


  • IDO Launchpad and Incubator

By holding $CLIKPAD tokens, ClikPad will act as an IDO platform for participating in unique initial digital offers. The IDO Launchpad will work with projects to provide marketing, go-to-market strategies, and technical guidance and support. ClikPad will collaborate with initiatives that have a strong enthusiasm and vision for DeFi.

  • Multi Chain wallet connection

With a single click, you may connect several wallets from various blockchains. The platform will synchronize all of your assets in order for you to have faster access to all of the services provided by the CrossPad team.

  • Multi Chain instant swap and staking

On the ClikPad platform, you may swap and stake in a novel method. ClikPad NoFee blockchain bridge allows you to manage your finances in the most decentralized manner possible, stake your assets, and receive the return you choose using our multichain pools.

  • Automatic liquidity

Everyone may see the predefined initial DEX liquidity of a project pool from the pool itself before it starts, thanks to the ClikPad smart contract. The smart contract also assures that the liquidity will be increased and locked automatically.

  • Tiers Free Allocation System

ClikPad redefines the notion of tiers by allowing everyone, regardless of token holdings, to be eligible for a guaranteed allotment. ClikPad incentivizes the acquisition of CLIK tokens in this manner since every $CLIK you add to your wallet affects your personal allocation, and you do not need to achieve a certain level to be able to raise it.

  • NFT Marketplace

ClikPad is also launching a decentralized NFT marketplace where buyers and sellers can deal with one other, where creators may upload their digital art to the network with low service costs, and where purchasers can pick from a range of unique art for their collection.

How ClikPad Works?

  • The platform approaches IDOs differently, splitting 60 percent of project allocations into private rounds and the remaining 40 percent into public rounds. Tokens that were not sold in the private round are added to the public round.
  • Private rounds: Sixty percent of the tokens will be sold during the private rounds. To make it as fair as possible for holders, they will incorporate a “pool weight score,” which will decide how much allocation you receive. The pool weight score is determined by the number of $CLIK tokens staked. Essentially, this allows any member of the community to participate in token sales that are otherwise inaccessible to them.
  • Public rounds: It is designed for the average user. There is no need to stake; only hold. The same “pool weight score” idea applies, but it is dependent on how many tokens the user owns.
  • Participants in both rounds are required to lock their CLIK tokens for a certain amount of time and will be assigned a “pool weight score” depending on their stake versus the total number of tokens in their pool. The higher the weight score, the greater the allocation available to each consumer. Guaranteed allocations will be achievable in both private and public rounds.

ClikPad Token

The ClikPad native token ($Clik) serves as a utility token in the Clickpad ecosystem. Holders have access to IDO Launchpad transaction flow, information flow, and particular Token Sale rounds. Staking or holding Clik tokens provides holders with access to more limited projects that are fundamentally more interesting, popular, or exclusive.

Holding a particular number of $Clik allows you to vote on various decisions; the more you hold, the greater your influence on our development; the community will decide on fees, projects hosted on the platform, updates, and many other things.



Token Ticker: CLIK

Total Supply: 150,000,000

Blockchain: BSC

ICO Price: 0.01 USD

Minimum Purchase: 50 BUSD

Maximum Purchase: No Limit



ClikPad is a Multi Smart Chain-based decentralized Token Sale and IDO platform. The project’s goal is to fix the present issues afflicting DeFi, making it a safer effort for everyone to participate in. The platform is designed to make it simple for promising companies to debut on Several Smart Chain in order to conduct trustless token sales and effectively lock liquidity. ClikPad wants to level the playing field by offering Token Sale possibilities to the ordinary crypto consumer.

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BTT Username: Cryptolakshi
BTT URL:;u=2813018
BEP-20 ADDRESS: 0xA2f3dEE310133fec376F2061B6BBf2BC9FD8e9D1




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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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