COOK PROTOCOL-An Asset Management Decentralize Financed Platform

Cook Protocol is a transparent, efficient and flexible platform for managing assets. It serves as a financial playground for a wide range of investors and asset management service providers. Here, the system works like an open window. Investors can monitor and track the allocation of a fund manager, while fund managers can digitally search and gain access to a variety of investors on the Cook Protocol platform. Once a contractual agreement has been reached between the investors and the fund managers, an investment strategy can be adopted, one that will be secured by nature.

Cook Protocol’s Mission

The core team behind the Cook Protocol claims that decentralization is a gateway to global human empowerment; where people can be armed with the right resources to achieve access to funds. Decentralization by decentralized finance can allow citizens to use their digital properties for their own good. Key team conviction that this mission will be accomplished by,

01. Enabling stable, accessible and high-quality wealth management network offerings for investors to embark on.

02. Issuing assets to portfolio managers and supplying them with a broad variety of wealth management resources.

Cook Protocol’s Vision

It is essentially Usher to fund the masses on a global scale, and they plan to do so in two ways,

01. By positioning themselves to become the world’s number one decentralized wealth management network.

02. Made financial services stable, open and of high quality democratized.


The Standard Financial System focuses its resources on affluent private individuals as well as retail clients to increase their income, leaving middle and low-class individuals behind. The framework provides ambiguous statistics on sales, benefit and risk. The solution to this issue was the Blockchain solution owing to its transparent and open Blockchain-based wealth management structure. But the Blockchain approach posed a problem of its own, most consumers are not tech-savvy, and the whole scheme appeared to be confusing. As far as wealth management fund managers are concerned, they have not been provided with the requisite investing resources to successfully enforce their strategies.


The core team of Cook Protocol has developed an Ethereum-based open asset management network, one that targets all groups of investors and provides them with expert management services. Here, with a grin on the face, investors who are not tech-savvy will now get on board the web and use high-quality management resources without expert knowledge of decentralized finance. Investors, only link their wallet via Metamask or Trustwallet and then choose the investment strategy that fits their taste. Upon finished, cryptocurrencies will be sent to the given smart contract address to be issued by CK Tokens. CK Tokens are the native tokens of the Cook Protocol that can be sold or asserted at any time.

Fund managers will make money, design investment strategies, create strategies that cater to investors and use web tools to execute investment strategies. Smart Contracts can be used to ensure the stability and transparency of funds and assets and to limit the access of Fund Managers.

It is important to remember that high-risk investors chasing enormous financial growth need expert portfolio managers who have a wealth of expertise and advanced trading strategies.

Cook Protocol can link different investors with fund managers while retaining confidence and accountability.


The Cook Protocol platform has a custom token called the Cook Token. Ck token is a governance token, which grants the holder of the token the ability to vote about the future of the Cook Protocol network. For example, token holders may propose proposals and vote to initiate reward initiatives to accelerate the ecosystem, strengthen the infrastructure and reinforce the governance mechanism. The token can also be used to charge a platform fee on the Cook Protocol platform.


01. Staking

Investors may use their tokens to receive additional CK tokens over time. The purpose of this is to retain liquidity and maintain the price of the token. This can serve as a passive or active source of income. Staking Cook Tokens falls into the heading of “Proof of Stake mining”

02. Initial Liquidity Mining

The core team expects to launch liquidity mining in the first quarter of 2021. This is going to draw and bring new buyers. The targeting pair would have been ETH/COOK. This is a trend-setting feature of decentralized finance networks, and I am happy that the Cook Protocol is now introducing it.

03. Referral Program

Any owners of a Cook Token that introduces a new consumer from his or her social networks will improve the environment of the cook protocol. Cook Token is going to be the reward for this hard effort. The number and quality of investors would be the deciding factor in compensation. Often, the new portfolio managers added to the platform would be highly paid.

04. Contributor Grants and Community Initiatives

The core team behind the Cook Protocol network will be introducing Donor Grants from time to time to reward individuals and organizations for their successful involvement by extending Cook’s ecosystem. Public projects such as the Bug Bounty will be introduced to determine the consistency of the Cook Protocol Code.



Token Name: Cook Protocol

Token Ticker: COOK

Total Token Supply: 10 Billion Tokens



Financial security is one of the world’s immediate agendas, with many people living on less than $1 a day. Traditional financial systems have failed in this regard, focusing their attention and making profits, ignoring certain classes of the population. The Cook Protocol Asset Management Platform will provide a sustainable solution. It will bring together investors of all classes and fund managers in a decentralized fashion, presenting a win-win situation for all.









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