CoPuppy —A GameFi Protocol With Collection, Battle, NFT Lending

CoPuppy is the most attractive Metaverse project on #BSC. The project combines collections, games, money, and so on, nurturing an open Puppy World. CoPuppy offers an outstanding climatic and financial model, which combines and improves on the present noteworthy mining, #NFT, #GameFi, #Metaverse, and other well-known ideas.

In the near future, CoPuppy will grow into a massive extended decentralized Metaverse project with a wide range of circumstances and activities.



Little canine may obtain CKEY by storing express LP or developing on farms; you can furthermore enter the yield pool and accumulate the CKEY by preserving the assigned Single Token.

GameFi — Puppy Battle

All of the small canines in the Coppy social class agree that NFTs and the game are the most effective ways to cope with merging. Coppy has despatched the choose game “pup Battle” along similar lines.

Game show

The Copuppy combat has 100 tiny dogs of various forms, with a total of ten distinct canine classes, as follows:
Alaska, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Shiba Inu,
Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, and St. Bernard are four of the most compelling breeds in CoPuppy World. Little canines may select their favorite gatherings and obligate them to assist forces in obtaining additional prizes.

The first round of the canine battle will feature four different types of dogs, and the Genesis Card holders will receive 20% of the canine’s ticket price.

Battle card NFT

The client can select one of four distinct gatherings at the start, each with its own set of assortments, genders, and fighting strength dogs. These canines have a variety of moves that they use to attack the entire pack.

NFT card battles are based on pool redresses; the tiny guys must utilize cards to get tokens once the tokens have been allotted to the pool. As a result, infinite CP will be obtained in the pool for an unexpectedly long duration. If it’s not too tough, offer a small guy struggle for subtleties. We will provide an ever-expanding amount of large games for Pup World, and all accumulated CP will be burned.

The organization NFT of CoPuppy and the middle section of Metaverse-Little canine World is Starting Card. Starting Card includes ten canine images, each of which having only one image, which is both insufficient and excessive. Puppies that have the Genesis Card NFT have the very best chance of proposing the Puppy World organization. It is the sole warrant for the pup neighborhood, and it protects essential rights and interests such as majority rule rights, extra rights, and board rights. The Genesis Card comes in four variations: cyberpunk, knight, ninja, and Viking champion.


Ticker: CP

Smart Contract: 0x82c19905b036bf4e329740989dcf6ae441ae26c1

Starting worth: 1 CP = 0.05 USDT(2,000,000 CP : 100,000 USDT)

Public chain: BinanceSmartChain(BEP-20)

Starting yield: 15CP/BLOCK

CoPuppy is a sensible lanuch, with no pre-bargain tokens or private course of action, therefore the following precautions are in place to assure the endeavor’s sensibility:

  • The gathering will boost liquidity early on and establish the acceptable trading hour. Customers can only buy CP once the gathering grants the trade. If it isn’t too tough, concentrate on the position local media for the appropriate trade time.
  • To limit the trading time span, each customer’s single most significant buy sum is 100,000 CP within 10 minutes after CP is open for trade.
  • There will be no obstacles to the customer’s purchasing lead after the bound trading time frame finishes.

Token scattering

The yield hard top is established for the overall yield of CP, and it is 1 billion. The basic yield per block is 15; every 14 days, the stock will be reduced by 10%, and production will be reduced on multiple occasions along the development. During the 10th creation decrease cycle, the neighborhood will vote on whether to maintain or discontinue production of CP, or to transmit alternate value execution with numerous potential outcomes, such as organization Token.

CoPuppy will aid accessories and adventure associations via several channels, including NFT Metaverse and #GameFi. Makus, the creator of CoPuppy, stated that the [Play to Earn] mode has always been there in CoPuppy. With the continuous improvement of the CoPuppy environment, CoPuppy is expected to transform into an excellent GameFi project on BSC. Meanwhile, CoPuppy must achieve overall progress in Polygon nature.

DAO Mechanism model

Puppies has sent a DAO lock-up strategy to assist CoPuppy with attaining financial model organization. According to the $CP lock-up season, the plan is divided into 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. When the term is up, the store client can withdraw the money. Gold and pay, and you’ll discover the opportunity to open a Surprise Mystery Box for free based on the total and time of purchase.

More Info

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BTT Username : Bountyhunter6
BTT Profile :;u=3265427
BSC Wallet : 0x2FAa553B608CfDa5f30a613b38e299781Beaa2f5

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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