The outbreak of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has brought to light the need to disinfect and keep our spaces and environment clean. This need holds for personal and privately-owned areas and public spaces owned and used by various people. As long as people meet and interact within an environment or space, such space must be kept clean, safe, and free of harmful organisms.

This need for a safe and healthy space and environment gave birth to a revolutionary innovation from OctopusRobots. This innovation is a technology that is designed and developed to ensure the efficient and effective disinfection of spaces and surroundings. However, the development of this technology suffered a delay due to the containment and restriction of people’s movement within and across territories. The conventional financial institutions could not be contacted to provide needed financial resources for this technology. To this end, OctopusRobots partnered with, a digital financing outfit, to come up with the financial resources necessary to implement and industrialize the innovation. This partnership resulted in the launching of COVIR, a tokenized form of OctopusRobots licensing rights on the Tezos blockchain.

Octopus Biosafety

The disinfecting innovation designed and developed by OctopusRobots is named Octopus Biosafety. It is a robot programmed and designed to effectively disinfect and decontaminate spaces and environments, regardless of space’s size and layout. The robot can efficiently apply disinfectants to surfaces in buildings, pieces of equipment, utensils, etc. Using an aerosol delivery system, the robot will find suitable applications in plants, factories, businesses, corporate buildings, airport terminals, and others. Other places include public buildings such as shopping malls, cinemas, and others.

The Octopus Biosafety is an intelligent, autonomous, and viable solution to the further outbreak of the coronavirus, or any other disease caused by the spread of harmful organisms. As businesses and companies seek to open up to business after months of closure, using the Octopus Biosafety for decontamination is not a bad idea at all.

All you need to know about COVIR (CVR)

The name of the token is COVIR and its symbol or short-form as CVR.

By digitalizing the licensing fee of the technology by OctopusRobots, the tokenized license allows for better mutualization, liquidity, and removal of all locational and geographical barriers in acquiring licenses and financing of the technology. Moreover, there will be an efficient payment of royalties to investors through smart contracts and blockchain technology.

It is quite essential to note that the license portfolio’s total valuation to be sold globally is 160 million dollars. The potential royalties to be sold are projected to be about 40 million dollars every year. More so, the token sale will be up and running for the duration of the innovations patent, which is estimated to be 17 years. There is also the possibility of the deals being on until the whole portfolio is sold out.

The partnership between the two entities also provides for a printing capacity for the token. This capacity is set at 400 million copies of CVR. Out of this estimated quantity of the token, about 200 million will be available for sale to prospective users, while the remaining half will be directed to other uses. These uses include bonuses and promotions, reward programs, marketing, and many more.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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