Cybertrade — an Open-world MMO RPG Metaverse based on BSC

It appears that in recent months, there has been a gaming trend in the crypto world that incorporates the notion of the metaverse. Users may not only experience the sense of playing in an innovative and modern gaming environment by participating in this game, but they can also make money from the games they play. Users may engage in a variety of activities both online and in the real world. This is why, because of the experience and features it provides, many people now play games based on the metaverse idea.

The metaverse concept itself will evolve in the future in tandem with global technological advancement. And to celebrate, Cybertrade was created as a game that would provide users with an experience they will never forget. Cybertrade is a unique open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience based on Binance Smart Chain, which not only allows gamers to enjoy a high-quality game, but also lets them to earn rewards for their gaming actions.


MMO RPG is a gaming idea in which several players may participate in the same location and pick their own roles. There are now several MMO RPG games on the market that provide consumers with an enjoyable gaming experience. However, most of these games do not reward users, even if they have been playing for a long time. The only thing users may gain is money if they can sell items/accounts to other users. But, thankfully, there are now DeFi and NFT protocols, which allow gamers to play on a game platform and get prizes. And this is what Cybertrade provides: a groundbreaking open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience that allows users to battle, race, and own assets in the virtual world. In exchange, players will receive incentives in the form of tokens, which they can trade for real money to utilize in their gaming activities.

Cybertrade will provide users with a game in which they may perform various tasks and be paid for them. Cybertrade will give customers with an outstanding gaming experience wrapped in the most advanced NFT personalisation technology ever applied in order to provide consumers with a dependable and secure gaming platform.

Cybertrade Features

Cybertrade is a BSC-launched MMO RPG game with a metaverse premise. Cybertrade’s features allow players to battle, race, and own assets, which can give them with a new source of money. Because as users’ participation on Cybertrade increases, so will the benefits they will earn. But that’s not all; Cybertrade has numerous additional functions as well:

  • TRIPLE-A Gaming Experience: To give users with a fantastic gaming experience, Cybertrade will apply the most advanced NFT customization technology ever developed, allowing users to directly experience a game that not only delivers excitement, but also high security.
  • Play 2 Earn: Users will receive CyberCash incentives for their activity on Cybertrade, even if they lose. Cybertrade can encourage consumers to continue playing and boost their involvement in the game with a solution like this.
  • Level-up and Develop an NFT Empire: Users may personalize, level up, and build an empire that is superior than other users’ empires.


Cybertrade, as a game platform with an economic structure, will create a cryptocurrency to ease user transactions on the network. The Cybertrade platform enables customers to effortlessly get tokens from a variety of different exchanges. These currencies, known as the CCASH token, are the sole tokens controlled by Cybertrade and will be used for a variety of purposes such as gaming, purchasing things, paying, and so on. Players must have this token in order to begin playing; without it, the user will be unable to participate. This is a token that will aid in the future development and operation of Cybertrade.



The team partners with numerous parties, including AU21 Capital, OpenSea, GBV, BGA, Maven Capital, and others, to improve Cybertrade. The Cybertrade team is certain that with this collaboration with multiple parties, they will be able to produce better games in the future and include numerous features that will create a more current and profitable gaming ecology for consumers. And, if Cybertrade grows in the future, additional parties may be willing to collaborate with it.


The metaverse sector will continue to expand in the future. This notion will become a promising industry, especially as it is widely employed by entertainment and gaming platforms throughout the world. And Cybertrade has arrived as a groundbreaking open-world MMO RPG Metaverse built on BSC. Cybertrade will be a location where users may battle, race, and own assets in a virtual environment that will benefit gamers by providing an incredible gaming experience. Users will also receive incentives in the form of CCash tokens for their activity, even if they do not win. Cybertrade aspires to be an open-world MMO RPG Metaverse that provides players with a memorable experience as well as appealing rewards.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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