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About Cyclops Finance

One of the king breeding initiatives designed into an adventure is being developed by Cyclops Finance (game). Our DAPP users will be able to complete different quests and be rewarded for doing so in turn. Mission completion is categorized based on the choice of the user. That is, in regular mode or express mode, the user may choose to play it. He / she is rewarded when the user completes a level and his / her stake is unlocked.

They will be fined or penalized if such a user fails, not by token or some other means of payment, but by extended lockout time. In order to get them back to their new level, such a user should pay a relief charge, otherwise they will go back to their old level.

Hоw Does it work

It combines the idea of DeFi and NFT efficiency farming into enjoyable games and puzzles. The game is designed such that each stage at the end is a treasure seeking experience with actual treasures. These treasures are the Cyclops Brothers’ long lost treasures and will be needed to complete this level by good players. But do you dare to reach the Cyclops Brothers’ cave, where the treasure lies in the ruins?

The team is working hard to develop the technologies. The team works not only on creating a blockchain game or games, but also an environment that helps game developers to deploy their games. As such, the player plays for the aforementioned incentive part. The Cyclops gaming portal will be both web-based and smartphone applications to attract a wider audience. Cyclops. Finance will be combined with treasure hunting games so that any level will have a payout.

Features оf Cyclops game platform

Rewards are distributed to the owners / developers of CYTR. Only with CYTR can game material (NFT) be bought. CYTR holders will be able to vote on the product / game incorporation and will be able to vote on the growth goals of the platform. The ruins of treasure at each level are worth the locked CYTR at each level.

The platform is a decentralized platform, so that anybody can purchase and own game assets, including NFT game characters, NFT game weapons, pets / NFT monsters, NFT segments / gatekeepers / locks and more. Because all of these assets are important in the way the game operates, they are all used at one point in time to complete steps when playing at any given level, When their property is used, the owner of the property gets a payment. Copyright owners can sell or exchange such content, and anyone can make content that depends on their own custom game and needs to be licensed.

The original Cyclops token of the game is CYTR, whose value proposition is as follows:
Only with CYTR and ETH will game content be bought. CYTR sales are discounted. 50 per cent of ETH is translated to CYTRR when ETH is used.

If players skip stages, use special characters in the game or unlock special characters, they can do this by paying CYTR fees. It should be remembered that the options are available without payment needed. In order to access higher levels, players must possess a certain amount of CYTR. If a character or custom content is accepted for development, the owner of the character may pay for the character / content to be incorporated into the game and the payment is done with CYTR.

CYTR holders will be able to vote on asset incorporation, and will be able to vote on the growth priorities of the platform. The treasure ruins at each level are worth the locked CYTR at each level. But from what has been mentioned here, the whole operation of the network depends on the asset and CYTR. This is a gaming platform with the following details built on the Ethereum chain block with original tokens:

Token name: Cyclops Treasure
Functions: Transaction / Deposit / Administration.
Token: CYTR
Contract token: 0xbd05cee8741100010d8e93048a80ed77645ac7bf
Token address:
Total supply: 1000

Official Links

Project website:

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Writers info
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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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