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Because blockchain innovation is rapidly expanding, several NFT gaming ventures based on blockchain innovation have been invented. The game Axie Infinity is frequently an NFT game developed on blockchain innovation that is gradually driving the market, a game that is both engaging and may bring in cash from gathering NFT stuff to convey. trading the market. The Definity Legend game job was established as a result of witnessing the capacity of the NFT gaming business. So, how is the Definity Legend game enterprise going? We should learn everything we can about Definity Legend.

Definity Legend is a strategy role-playing game with a blockchain economy. In a dream environment, players engage in conflicts with creatures and other players while using a group of saints.

As players continue through the game, they will obtain stronger hardware, legends, watchmen, and reach other highlights, such as Bowels of Tartarus, where terrible manager battles await!


  • In a grasping endeavor, lead a group of legends against wild animals, or compete against other players in PvP challenges.
  • Try not to fight alone! Construct a society with several people and go up battle against other groups to conquer areas!
  • Acquire and upgrade saints to form the finest fighting squad possible.
  • Acquire NFT prizes that may be used to settle the score more solidly or traded for BITTO combinations.
  • Conquer the most challenging challenges Olympus throws at you by defeating the most powerful bosses in the Definity Legends realm to get much higher rewards.
  • Everything NFT may be traded at the DLD business center!

What exactly is Definity Legend?

BEP-721 will govern Blockchain NFT resources (heroes, guardians, equipment, pets, ancient rarities, and so on). Data will be saved via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). DLD will make use of Immutable X on the Ethereum blockchain (for non-game-related supported NFT), which has several advantages.

  • For shared trading, there are no gas expenditures.
  • There is no custodial risk because clients maintain their secret keys.
  • It can handle up to 9,000 exchanges per second.
  • There is no uniform sidechain.
  • ERC-20 and ERC-721 are upheld.
  • There are no returns if the transaction is settled in the moment.
  • Gaming NFTs will then be transported over the chain to BSC and converted into in-game playable characters on BSC.
  • This is just for and ethereum-based NFTs worth more over $30,000.

DefinityLegend will be built on the UNITY platform and is currently only available on PC. Joining a portable game will be available sooner rather than later through the Apple and Google Appstores.

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DLD Coin Applications

DLD Coins are utility coins that may be exchanged for a variety of items in-game. The most well-known use is acquiring new legends, hardware, and watchmen.

Money boxes

Treasure ChestsThere will be a limited number of new arrivals of gear and weapons on a constant basis, and they will only be accessible through Treasure chests.

Organization In Nation Wars

In Nation Wars, Organization Bidding for participation in Nation Wars, which allow civilizations to compete for territory, is completed using DLD currencies.

Restricted Edition Heroes and Guardians

Heroes and Guardians in Limited Edition Possibilities to obtain restricted version association and cooperation sets, more grounded tales, gatekeepers, or Artifacts!

Boards publicizing shared to proprietors of terrains

Advertisement Billboards can be rented out by interested Advertisers and Publishers for the purpose of displaying promotional images.

Our Contributors

BITTO and DeFinity Studio bring together over 20 years of gaming experience and 10 years of participation in digital currency and blockchain, resulting in a powerful synergistic group blend.

Commercial center

Sell your NFT on the DLD commercial center to revitalize it inside the DLD universe. If it’s well-known, and if it fits our aesthetic, we’ll include it as an occasional character!

DLD land can be purchased and sold.

As you sell DLD NFT resources, you may earn money by playing Play To Earn.

Exchanges that are safe, secure, and simple.

More Info:

WebSite: DeFinity Legend | DeFi | NFT | PlayToEarn | Multiplayer Game | C2F

Telegram: DeFinity Legend

Twitter: DefinityLegend (@DefinityLegend) | Twitter

Facebook: DeFinity Legend

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Forum Username: Dan Crypto
Forum Profile Link:;u=3419844
BSC Wallet Address: 0xDE39503E720CF496a27c7E77483B0608b4AcdD46




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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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