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The cryptocurrency business has grown significantly since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. All of this is intimately related to the engagement of various parties who continue to develop in the crypto market. DeFi and NFT are two recent innovations that have gained popularity. DeFi is a decentralized protocol for financial applications that cater to the demands of various crypto users, whereas NFT is a protocol that allows digital items to be secured and traded using blockchain technology. These developments have made the cryptocurrency world a better place than it has ever been.

What Is the ETNA Network and How Does It Function?

ETNA Network is a one-stop shop for everything DeFi, NFTs, and Hybrid Gaming. Users may use this page to access a number of tools to suit their various requirements, such as the ETNA DeFi product, especially DeBank, if they need a loan, or the NFT marketplace if they want to trade game assets or NFTs. Because, as of now, the vast majority of crypto platforms only provide the AMM platform, with no support for NFTs or hybrid gaming. As a result, clients who want to trade NFT assets or access the gaming environment must use multiple platforms, which might be inconvenient. Everything connected to DeFi, including lending/borrowing and a hybrid liquidity protocol, as well as NFTs and Hybrid Gaming with a gaming environment, may be easily identified and accessed by ETNA Network users.


ETNA Network strives to provide a platform that enables users to easily and securely access information about DeFi, NFTs, and Hybrid Gaming. Because of its unique, user-focused technology, ETNA Network believes it can be a one-stop shop for all things DeFi, NFTs, and gaming for consumers all over the world.


Customers can apply for a loan or borrow money from DeBank via ETNA Network’s DeFi platform. On this platform, users may use their NFT tokens as collateral or keep their ETNA tokens to earn free interest. This platform also includes the first hybrid liquidity protocol with Broker-Buyer trading capability.

The NFT Factory on ETNA Network allows users to freely sell game assets or NFT Tokens on the market. It is a platform that links digital art creators and collectors.

The hybrid gaming environment of ETNA Network enables the seamless integration of traditional games on the blockchain. In this ecosystem, users may access a range of services, such as tournaments, live worldwide gaming events, online competitions, and more.

ETNA Network Interface

ETNA Network’s UI is highly user-friendly, modern, and clean. The developers appear to value the user experience. In this video, the inventor explains what ETNA Network is and what services it provides. If users want to learn more, they may simply access the provided information. ETNA Network’s personnel, which includes everyone from the CEO and Co-Founder to Marketing, is likewise not closed. Remember that ETNA Network provides a link for those who want to buy ETNA tokens in order to avoid scammers.

ETNA Network Token

ETNA is an ETNA Network utility coin that will serve as a medium of trade. ETNA is based on the Binance BEP-20 platform and has a total supply of 100,000,000 ETNA coins. ETNA tokens may be utilized for a number of purposes, including interest-free loans, staking, marketplace payments, and more. ETNA may be purchased on PancakeSwap.

Token Allocation

60% for development (to create, rename the system, obtain an operating license, and eventually build an all-in-one wallet).

40% for expansion (addition of more creative individuals to the ETNA team).

Token Name: ETNA
Total Supply: 100 000 000
Staking: 40 000 000
Presale: 10 000 000
BBT Market: 30 000 000
Liquidity: 6 000 000
Partnership:5 000 000
Development = 5 000 000
Team: 3 000 000
Foundation: 2 000 000


ETNA Network is a one-stop shop for everything DeFi, NFTs, and Hybrid Gaming. Users may use this page to access a range of tools, such as DeBank for lending and the NFT marketplace for selling game assets and NFT tokens, to help them satisfy their various needs. ETNA Network believes that its cutting-edge technology-based platform can be trusted by users.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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