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RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC. Jorge de los Santos is the creator of Euler.Tools, a platform that aims to transform the way people evaluate the blockchain business by offering an all-encompassing picture of cryptocurrency combined with an easy-to-use interface.

Euler.Tools seeks to provide a technique for traversing a complicated problem, similar to the renowned mathematician and project’s namesake Leonard Euler, who invented graph theory and solved the Königsberg bridge problem. Euler.Tools uses instructional and interactive tools to assist people identify the most effective method to navigate blockchain technology.

Traders must use many platforms since they each supply distinct data and services. Euler.Tools addresses this issue by providing users with ten distinct tools that enable traders to cross-examine on-chain activity, price action, and other data sources in order to execute better educated transactions.

Thus, Euler.Tools combines DeFi, blockchain, and real-world data in a single interface, driven by a collection of tools that assist crypto traders in obtaining information that will aid them in their trading operations. Consider TradingView, Chartx, DEXools, BscScan, and PancakeSwap all rolled into one platform.

Euler.Tools integrates with BscScan and TradingView to provide users with essential information on a single platform. In addition, Euler.Tools improves the interface for the popular decentralized exchange Uniswap, as well as Chainlink oracles and its own native graph nodes.

Fully Automated Process

Euler. Tools differs from other current tools in that it has a completely automated operations procedure. Most analytical tools operate on a single contract and generally require information to be entered manually to keep them up to date.

Euler.Tools will automate the process by scanning the blockchain and analyzing data using formal approaches and well-known methodology employed by global data processing firms. Furthermore, Euler.Tools include unique parameters that are distinct from those found in other tools.

Other tools, for example, focus on the value contained in the Uniswap contract, but Euler.Tools evaluates the token swap impact on liquidity, availability, profitability, gas costs, and other events that the token swap might generate.

Multiple tools and unique subscription models

Euler.Tools provides sophisticated, configurable block explorers as well as decentralized trading tools with a variety of functions, including.

  • Comparing tokens, volumes, addresses, holders, and minting/burning rates
  • Create price and event alerts, or get alerted about rug pulls that may influence your investments.
  • Connect all of your wallets to a single interface to receive enhanced data.
  • Investigate any couple, or make your own.
  • Create sophisticated queries for huge data.

To filter and clean up the results and provide only relevant events, all of these features are created utilizing a combination of ETL, Data Pipelines, and Machine Learning technologies.

Euler.Tools is investigating three subscription structures to ensure that everyone gets access to the tools. The first model employs a hold-only approach in which users may link a wallet to the native token EULER and gain access to the free model.

Users will be paid for additional features that they feel valuable, similar to the freemium model. While there is a tiering structure in place, customers must pay a certain fee to have access to particular capabilities ranging from portfolio management to telegram bots that broadcast rug pull warnings.

The third subscription option is the golden pay per usage model, which is intended for large businesses that require huge volumes of data to be processed. This subscription includes complete API keys for interacting with Euler’s tools. Tools.

The Euler Token

Euler.Tools A BEP20 coin with the ticker EULER powers Tools. This coin is intended to offer a secure deflationary investment product as well as a repurchase mechanism that returns value to the seller.

The Euler token will be used to pay for apps in the Euler.Tools ecosystem, which will feature a DEX block explorer, big data inquiry, portfolio protection, and a trading interface.

While the product is being built and the subscription model is being launched, Euler.Tools has created a small mining pool to incentivise token holders. In addition, the subscription model serves as a repurchase mechanism, with the goal of burning and reducing the quantity of circulating supply.

This will result in a steady deflationary pricing for token holders while also ensuring the token’s availability. By providing liquidity, EULER token holders can get access to additional advantages. Furthermore, the tokens allow users to get access to the platform’s fundamental functions.




TOTAL: 92,762,369

CIRCULATING: 52,278,048

BURNED: 7,237,630



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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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