Fanadise — The world’s first creator NFT platform

Financial decentralization is one of the industries that has seen tremendous growth in the bitcoin industry in recent months. Decentralized finance provides financial alternatives that traditional financial platforms have never provided. Many of the current DeFi systems also have an NFT marketplace where users may trade NFT tokens. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that are not backed by digital assets and can contain information and represent anything, such as artwork, digital products, and so on. DeFi and NFT work well together.

If you’re interested in DeFi and NFTs, you might be interested in Fanadise, a unique content subscription platform designed for NFTs. Users may utilize Fanadise to collect, stake, buy, and sell NFT Moments from their favorite influencers. In addition, influencers can create a website and promote subscription or restricted NFTs.

Many individuals nowadays prefer to utilize the OnlyFans platform to consume content from their favorite influencers. Users may access material that is exclusively available to subscribers by utilizing OnlyFans, and influencers may earn money from the content they produce for subscribers. OnlyFans, on the other hand, includes restricted options for users and influencers, such as specialized domains, membership tiers, and NFTs. Despite the fact that these functionalities are extremely beneficial to users and influencers. This is the case with Fanadise, the exclusive content subscription platform designed for NFTs that is redefining social media and how people view the value of digital assets and social-based status. Users may collect, stake, purchase, and trade NFT tokens from their favorite influencers on Fanadise. It also enables influencers to integrate Fanadise into their websites, allowing them to develop websites that include Fanadise’s novel features such as membership tiers, NFTs, eCommerce, and so on.

Fanadise also created a gamified NFT system that allows users to stake, merge, and accumulate influencer cards. Users, for example, can raise the level of their NFTs by collecting enough NFTs and upgrading their NFTs at the same time. With a concept like this, the value of low-level NFTs will rise.

Fanadise Features

Fanadise is a platform that allows users to collect, stake, buy, and sell NFT moments from influencers while also allowing influencers to monetise their content in new ways. Fanadise is a new level of social entertainment that connects influencers with NFTs and empowers them with cutting-edge features. Influencers may monetize their material and get rewarded significantly for their efforts at Fanadise. Influencers may create premium content that only their members will be able to view. But that’s not all; Fanadise also has the following features:

  • NFT and subscription incentives for creators: When a user subscribes to one of their favorite influencers, they will receive a special pack of Moments from the influencers. NFTs are referred to as subscriptions. The higher the subscription level, the more exceptional moments the customer will receive.
  • Resell favorite creators’ moments: The longer a user subscribes and the higher their level, the better their moments will be. Users can later gather NFTs or sell them on the market.
  • Staking: Users can stake $ FAN in order to obtain more NFTs. Staking entitles customers to additional privileges such as participation in the daily lottery, discounts, participation in liquidity pools, and so on.

FAN Token

Fanadise introduced a native token called FAN token, which serves as a utility token as well as a fuel to sustain the platform’s functioning. FAN coins are based on the Binance BEP-20. Users may stake FAN tokens to receive a variety of perks such as awards, discounts, better moments, and so on. Users can obtain FAN tokens through a public sale hosted by Fanadise on their website.

Token Distribution


Only Fans is now the most well-known subscription-based platform. Users may subscribe to their favorite influencers on this platform and receive material that is exclusively available to subscribers. Furthermore, it enables influencers to monetise their material and develop subscription services. OnlyFans, on the other hand, has restricted and out-of-date features. And Fanadise is here as a unique content subscription platform designed just for NFTs. Users may collect, stake, buy, and sell NFT Moments from their favorite influencers in Fanadise.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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