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If you’re curious in Fintropy’s unique characteristics and how it differs from other platforms, keep reading. This platform allows investors to concentrate and manage ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), allowing you to invest (and save) money in a variety of investment kinds. Of doubt, this platform has certain advantages and benefits, but what are they?

Understanding ETF

Consider ETFs to be an investing instrument or vehicle that includes (closed) end funds as well as mutual hybrid funds. ETFs can hold a variety of assets, including commodities, equities, bonds, and others. You are free to trade them on the open market. Investors may diversify their investments by using ETFs. As an investor, you might start with small investments and subsequently diversify within a certain area. You can also enjoy many asset forms, ranging from classic investment types to nontraditional assets (like currencies or goods). In summary, you are given the freedom (and flexibility) to handle your own investment.

About Fintropy

Fintropy is intended to be a (tokenized) ETF management platform. There are several advantages to using this platform:

• It serves as a platform for actively managed funds. It employs competent and professional asset managers to ensure that the portfolio is rebalanced on a regular and ongoing basis.

• It all boils down to strategy and asset diversification. Investors may pick whatever asset they choose, including commodities, equities, NFTs, or cryptocurrency.

• It promotes openness and security. It is a DAO governance for the whitelist of portfolio assets that is approval-based.

  • It provides a variety of investing instruments. It assists you in rebalancing your investment portfolio by utilizing novel ways or tactics with the available assets.


The team behind Fintropy’s achievement meticulously prepared their own stages. In fact, they have broken everything down into distinct phases and processes to facilitate monitoring and execution.

  • As a start, the project began in the first quarter of 2021. The concept has been clarified, and the team has been assembled. They have also planned the token sale, including the framework and legal aspects.
  • UI and architecture design will begin in the second quarter of 2021. It also includes the release of a Polygon-based MVP, as well as a public security audit and the creation of a mobile app.
  • A token sale would take place in the third quarter of 2021. The Uniswap listing would take place concurrently with the introduction of a mobile app containing asset managers.
  • Full-scale (and actual) DeFi tools and DAO governance would be available in the fourth quarter of 2021. Top cryptocurrency (exchange) listing, as well as Polkadot Parathread Integration, will take place.
  • Cross-chain bridge and gamification elements will be implemented in the first quarter of 2022. During the same time period, the platform will concentrate on AI-powered trading and the integration of tokenized equities.

Real Deal

Everyone participating in the platform’s development is earnest — they want the platform to succeed. All phases are anticipated to be completed on time. The platform is now in the second quarter of 2021, which implies that they are concentrating on the advancement of technology.

Smart Contract Audit

One of their efforts to improve security and protection is to ensure that the platform is entirely safe. Fintropy completed the auditing procedure on October 14, 2021. Hacken OÜ was recruited to do Security Analysis and (Smart Contract) Code Review. The platform recognizes that the cryptocurrency market is prone to hacks, contract difficulties, and fraud.

They choose Hacken since it is a top and trustworthy Security Consulting Company specializing in blockchain security. Some of its clients include Minto, Centrality, Nasdex, xDAO, and Polka Markets. According to Hacken’s evaluation, Fintropy’s smart contract is well-secured. They examined a variety of factors, including automated checks, manual auditing, and code functioning.

The Mobile App

Fintropy claims that asset management will be simple. It is even easier to do using the mobile app. The mobile app was developed so that customers may manage their assets and investments at any time and from any location, including while on the road.

Token Distribution

Although token sales will take place in the third quarter, this does not mean that nothing has been planned. You should keep in mind that the token is an important aspect of the crypto platform because it is the main engine that drives the ecosystem. It’s no different in Fintropy.

From a total supply of 30 million tokens, 33 percent (about 10 million) will be sold privately, while only 6.6 percent (approximately 2 million) will be sold publicly. Around 20% (6 million) would be allocated to liquidity, 7% (2.1 million) to advisers and teams, and 7% (2.1 million) to marketing. Only 1% (300,000) will be set aside in reserve. The remainder will be divided as follows: 7 percent (2.1 million) will go to DAO treasure and 18 percent (5.4 million) will go to staking rewards. They’ve been getting ready for the sales.


If you’re considering about diversifying your assets and seeking for the best location to manage them, you’ve come to the correct spot. Fintropy should be able to assist you in managing and operating your investment in the safest possible manner.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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