Galileo Exchange — The GLT Token & Introduces ‘Zero Edge’ Trading

Galileo Exchange Project

Galileo Exchange is a cutting-edge ‘hybrid’ trading platform that combines features of a cryptocurrency exchange, a DeFi initiative, and a gaming platform. It blends these important aspects to provide dependability, innovation, value, and enjoyment. The Gelt (GLT) token and ‘Zero Edge’ trading are two of the most intriguing features it brings.

There are no fees, no spreads, and no commissions

Galileo Exchange is a game changer in terms of trader involvement, enjoyment, and profitability. The platform is intended to level the playing field by removing all trade frictions, while also providing an outstanding user experience, lightning-fast action, huge profit potential, and substantial rewards. It is powered by the GLT token, which guarantees that any monies staked will be returned to users.

The Galileo platform incorporates aspects of a cryptocurrency exchange, a DeFi initiative, and a gaming platform. Traders can speculate on the price movement of hybrid digital assets on the exchange; as a DeFi project, it features a token (GLT) with numerous use cases such as zero edge trading, yield farming, and more. One of the primary benefits of trading on Galileo Exchange is the platform’s game feature, which offers non-stop trading possibilities with quick satisfaction.

Galileo Exchange

Insane wins

Profits may be made while investing a small amount of cash, owing to high volatility and straightforward risk-management tools.

Get Free Tokens

500 FGLT for new users and 500 FGLT daily award for active users

Accelerating Action

The thrill of Atmospheric ‘Hybrid indices has resulted in lightning-fast, blood-pumping price activity.

Easy and Engaging

A much cleaner, simpler, and more fun interface that will appeal to both seasoned and inexperienced traders.

‘Zero-Edge’ Trading

When trading with the Gelt (GLT) token, there are no fees, spreads, or commissions.

Rewarding Challenges

Trading competitions are held on a regular basis, with prize pools of about $10,000 in BTC.

Designed for Day Traders for Day Traders

Galileo Exchange was created and designed by day traders for day traders. It is intended for serious traders and recreational speculators who want to make a quick profit. Galileo’s cutting-edge interface may be utilized in a variety of ways. Users can employ a variety of techniques and employ their own style of trading, whether carefully or with a low stomach for risk and great reward. It is also an excellent social network, as traders of all levels and abilities compete against one another in weekly trading tournaments and challenges for real cash and extra awards.

Gelt (GLT) Token

  • Initial Bonding Curve Offering (IBCO)

Galileo Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of the Galileo (GLT) token via an Initial Bonding Curve Offering. By lowering or eliminating trading fees, spreads, and commissions, using GLT tokens on the platform improves user experience and speeds token holders’ pathways to success.

We are pleased to launch a demo version of the GLT token — FGLT — for individuals who are just getting started with trading. Upon registration, you will receive 500 FGLT tokens and will be able to test your skills in the most fast-paced trading environment ever. It’s excellent practice for both new and seasoned traders.

Why Gelt Token?

GLT is a tool for the De-Fi era and a key component of the Galileo Exchange ecosystem. It improves the user experience in several ways!

  • Zero-Edge Trading

Take your transaction to its logical conclusion and revel in the genuine Zero Lounge experience. By avoiding the Early Exit, you may escape all costs, commissions, and spreads. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

  • Use GLT to Play

The GLT token will be used in Candle Bets-powered games and will continue to offer the Zero Edge functionality.

  • The Bonding Curve

Register for the IBCO today for a chance to be included in the very first round available to friends and family.

Token Details

  • Project Name: Galileo Exchange
  • Campaign Dates: 2020/08/31 (12:00 GMT ) — 2020/09/13 (12:00 GMT )
  • Contest Link Once Campaign is Live: https://Winplay.App/galileo-3k-usdt-and-0154-btc
  • 2,762 USDT will be distributed to the top 125 Winners + 237.50 USDT will be distributed to 16 winners at random.
  • Activity Period:2020/08/31, (12:00 GMT ) — 2020/09/13, (12:00 GMT )

GLT tokens will be distributed through an Initial Bonding Curve Offering. Using GLT tokens on the platform enhances the user experience while also speeding up the token holder’s road to profitability. Tokens are also interest-bearing tokens (yield farms) that pay daily interest to their holders whether they remain idle in an account or traded. Tokens and the token economy increase levels of engagement by allowing for possible financial benefits and enhanced user experience.


The Galileo platform combines features of a cryptocurrency exchange, a DeFi initiative, and a gaming platform. In exchange, traders can bet on the hybrid digital asset’s price fluctuations; as a DeFi project, it has tokens (GLT) with numerous use cases like as edgeless trading, yield farming, and more. One of the primary benefits of trading on the Galileo Exchange is the platform’s gaming, which offers non-stop trading possibilities with rapid satisfaction.

The Galileo Exchange is governed by Australian law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria. KYC is not required until daily deposits or withdrawals total $1,000 AUD or more. To learn more and get started trading, click Below.

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