Green Climate World — A Cryptocurrency-Based Project to Improve Global Life

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is generated by either natural combustion or the burning of fuels. Carbon dioxide is typically absorbed by plants via photosynthesis. However, huge urban expansion and illegal harvesting in forests without replanting have resulted in a significant drop in the number of trees in the globe, causing carbon dioxide to be absorbed inefficiently. The current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 409.8 parts per million, the highest in 800,000 years. If allowed to continue, this will endanger the lives of all living beings on Earth.

Recognizing the significance of decreasing carbon dioxide to sustain life on Earth, Green Climate World is motivated to be a pioneer in using cryptocurrency to enhance life on Earth. Green Climate World will be a project that uses blockchain to collect atmospheric data and grow trees to help make the world a better place. To that end, Green Climate World created the WGC token, which users may purchase, and Green Climate World uses a tiny percentage of the token value for operations. As a result, everyone may contribute to making our world greener.

Green World

Every year, the global climate changes as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise. This is due to increased fuel use, illicit logging, and other factors. This issue may be solved by lowering fuel consumption and replanting plants to absorb carbon dioxide. Green Climate Planet responds by presenting a solution, namely uploading climatic data to the blockchain and growing trees to make the world greener. Green Climate World can therefore monitor the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this data may be utilized for a variety of reasons, such as planting trees to assist absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Green Climate Globe has also developed a cryptocurrency that can be purchased by individuals all around the world to help fund this initiative. Users are already helping to make our world greener and better for tomorrow by acquiring this WGC token.

Holders of WGC tokens will not only help to green the globe, but they will also be paid for their efforts. The larger the number of WGC tokens a user possesses, the greater the prize.

Our Goal


Green Climate World is a cryptocurrency-based initiative that aims to enhance the quality of life on the earth. WGC tokens are available for purchase from Green Climate World. Following that, a part of the value of WGC tokens will be utilized for operations, and users will get their incentives. But that’s not all; Green Climate World has numerous additional features as well:

Cooperation With a Non-profit Organization: Green Climate World will work with non-profit groups to select the location of tree planting in order to plant trees. The procedure will be simpler and faster as a result.

Accountable: All data acquired by sensors on oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will be stored on a blockchain that cannot be manipulated or hacked. This information will then be made available via a mobile application or website.

Tracker Portal: Each sensor will be assigned a unique identification number. After successfully registering on the network, users will be issued this code, which they may use to log on to the blockchain and view various information collected by sensors.

Mobile & Desktop Application (Wallet): Users may save their digital assets in Green Climate World apps, which are available on a variety of platforms. Later users may spend their WGC tokens in this app for a variety of purposes.


Green Climate World features a native token called WGC token, which will be used to fund platform operations and reward users, as previously described. The WGC token was released on Binance BEP-20 with a total quantity of 1,000,000,000 WGC and will function as a utility token, which means users may use it for transactions or as stock in the firm. WGC token holders will later be rewarded for their contributions to Green Climate World’s efforts to make the world a greener place. WGC tokens may be obtained through exchanges such as Coinsbit or Hotbit.

Token Distribution


Green Climate World was created by the team in Q4 2019, and the ecosystem and WGC SDK were developed in Q1 2020. In addition, in Q1 2020, the team began designing and gathering data for WGC sensors. In addition, in Q2 2021, the team will launch a Pre-ICO to offer WGC tokens to the general public. The team will then undertake listings on exchanges such as Coinsbit and Hotbit, as well as tree planting partnerships with corporations and governments, in Q3 2021. In addition, the team plans to begin planting trees in the fourth quarter of 2021.


The global climate has altered dramatically as a result of rising amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, posing a threat to life on Earth. And Green Climate Planet is here to serve as a platform for making the world greener and better for future generations. Green Climate World offers a solution, namely the recording of atmospheric data to the blockchain and the planting of trees, which will aid in the monitoring and reduction of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. To that end, Green Climate World is releasing the WGC token, which will serve as the platform’s backbone. Users can later acquire this WGC token to engage in this project, and Green Climate World will utilize a percentage of the WGC token’s worth for operations; in exchange, users will get incentives for their involvement. Green Climate World is a project committed to making the world a greener and better place, which may be accomplished via the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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