What is Greeneum Network?

The Greeneum Network is dedicated to speeding the global transition to renewable energy and sustainable technology through Blockchain and personalized machine learning. Greeneum’s digital assets are linked to profitable green energy ventures with Exclusive, a ground-breaking platform that certifies green energy and optimizes power output.

Greeneum is building the most integrated network in the world to support the development, delivery and use of clean and renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, hydro and thermal. The Greeneum Network uniquely verifies and encourages efficient and eco-friendly action through the entire supply chain to support current and future generations.

Greeneum Global Energy Networks (Greeneum) is planned to exploit tailored Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technologies, IoT and smart contracts. Our mission is to build and expand a decentralized and competitive energy market that enables smart monetization for peer-to-peer (P2P) real-time energy and data transactions.

Why Greeneum?

Energy demand is increasing increasingly worldwide in response to shifts in population, transport and economic activity. This increase in demand causes rising amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the environment which affects our entire environment. The World Bank study argues that air pollution causes health consequences and costs billions of dollars annually.

Greeneum uses blockchain and optimized AI to provide a patented solution for improving microgrid energy storage. Its customized AI algorithms produce accurate energy demand forecasts that enable microgrid operators to balance energy supply and demand. As the electricity network runs in a trustless and distributed way, using blockchain technologies to eliminate inequalities, unequal access, supply-demand shortages and more issues in the energy market in developed countries.

Blockchain-based smart contracts, along with energy and environmental data management platforms, are the latest solutions to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon global economy. The next generation of blockchain technologies provides smart P2P with legitimate connections, smart contracts, IoT, targeted deep learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Greeneum Vision & Solution

Vision: Greeneum plans to create a competitive and profitable Green Energy market. In line with the vision, Greeneum is developing financial assets and technology that will make it easier to swap renewable energy values. In addition, it will support investment through traceable, secured and clear renewable energy measures similar to oil markets.

Solution: By developing a new multi-chain infrastructure, Greeneum provides a market-ready solution for the GREEN energy markets. The platform consists of three parallel and intertwined structures. And this makes the Greeneum network capable of monitoring and monetizing global and local data and energy levels in the GREEN energy industry.


  • Greeneum Global Data system

The data infrastructure is multinational and runs on the blockchain network of Greeneum. The machine tracks validations on the blockchain. The validated data goes to AI processing to produce forecasts and observations.
If a manufacturer of GREEN energy sends relevant data to the scheme, they will receive a GREEN Certificate for the development of renewable energy. GREEN certificates will be used to convert Greeneum tokens in the Greeneum Energy Trading System. Carbon Credits and GREEN Certificates can be validated, monetized and exchanged internationally.

  • The Greeneum Energy Trading System

Energy exchange on the Greeneum scheme takes place on the electrical grid as well as on the Greeneum blockchain network. Electrical data is distributed into a confirmation phase in which the energy is profiled and checked. The machine performs periodic measurements of supply and demand on the grid and allows users to communicate directly with each other. GREEN energy producers are awarded with GREEN certificates and Greeneum tokens. Consumers use Greeneum colored tokens (GREEN certificates) for their energy consumption. They buy them from the manufacturers and collect Greeneum Carbon Credits for their GREEN energy use.

  • Monetization of Data and Energy

GREEN coin, a recently launched blockchain monetizing energy transfers, built on Ethereum (ERC20) Greeneum token, GREEN, an ERC20 utility token, can be used to monetize energy through the Greeneum network. The utility token is a mechanism to encourage the electricity ecosystem to conduct itself more efficiently, profitably and in a GREEN manner.

Greeneum Token (GREEN): Greeneum ERC20 utility token named GREEN is an Ethereum token used as a network token for various transactions in the Greeneum industry. GREEN is used for the global monetization of Greeneum Energy Trade and Greeneum Electronic Data Systems.

Greeneum Ecosystem: The system of developers, suppliers, customers, investors and every other person that interacts with the Greeneum Network.

Greeneum Energy Network: an energy network is a device that makes efficient use of energy by managing a wide range of different types of energy supply and demand facilities by the use of a communication network.

Greeneum Foundation: Foundation to support the ongoing progress and growth of the Greeneum Ecosystem, financed by the Greeneum Token.

The Foundation uses the Green Fund to help businesses, organisations, solar and green energy programs and urban architects gain access to the funds needed to highlight their inventions.

Green Fund: Funds provided by Greeneum to support numerous prosumers focus on the launch and construction of new renewable energy schemes. Initiatives are financed by two separate methods: crowd-funding for social and environmental programs and crowd-funding for private renewable energy projects.

Greeneum Network: The Greeneum Blockchain network links customers, manufacturers, merchants, energy providers, investors and other stakeholders to a digital forum. They can communicate easily on a stable forum that aims to increase and enhance trust and openness between all stakeholders. The network stresses openness in the recording, distribution and use of renewable energy

Greeneum Certificate: Greeneum Certificate is a non-fungible token (NFT) that is distributed using the Proof-of-Energy-Transaction algorithm after the generated energy has been validated (amount type: GREEN or non-GREEN, etc.). Describes the electricity supply, the volume and the resulting Greeneum Carbon Credits. In the energy trading flow, they are allocated to customers who receive carbon credits. They are issued to producers in the data flow and can be freely sold on the global market. Certificates can be used for managing supply and demand and for electricity conservation of electrical grids.

The buyers of GREEN tokens are eligible to buy additional AI and energy conservation utilities, allowing for a better balancing of supply and demand in order to leverage energy supplies and power grids. Greeneum will create interfaces for external AI suppliers to increase energy consumption and network efficiency;


Token name GREEN

Total Supply 1 Billion



Greeneum is a distributed and decentralized network that includes a variety of utilities for consumers in the energy sector worldwide. Greeneum leverages state-of-the-art transformative technologies, like blockchain and deep learning, to construct an unprecedented, secure, comprehensive and theoretically limitless data and energy exchange network. Greeneum technology is boosting the energy market’s shift from a concentrated and non-renewable solution to a distributed and sustainable model that will allow for sustained economic and technical development.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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