The Greenuem network aims to improve socio-economic practices and to protect the health of the environment from the inefficiencies of the current energy system. This can be done by the provision of optimized sources of electricity. They have ground-breaking blockchain technology mechanisms that can explore multiple energy sources, such as wind, solar, grid, etc., and present energy to the growing world population that requires a regular supply of energy. Greenuem envisages the transfer of electricity from the new centralized state to the decentralized state and all connections to different energy sources, and also proposes Green Energy to address the problems of centralized energy. They have a squad of managers who are seasoned in both the financial and oil markets. This team would devote their depth of expertise to the fulfillment of the company’s vision.

What is Greeneum Network?

Greeneum Global Energy Networks (Greeneum) were designed to capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain progress, IoT and high-profile agreements. Our vision is to create and develop a decentralized and manageable energy market that enables genius adaptation to ongoing distributed (P2P) transfers of energy and information. The Greeneum Network is dedicated to accelerating the overall transition to renewable energies and practical advances using Blockchain and tweaked AI.

The computerized tools of Greeneum are linked to environmentally friendly energy ventures with Unique, powerful innovation that confirms environmentally friendly energy and advances energy yield.


The Greeneum community of experts achieves their goals and builds their latent potential.
The Greeneum project is becoming more popular every day. It is highly likely that the challenge will become an industry leader with exceptional community work. The thinking is profitable to both. This is a typically excellent undertaking and its party is bumping down on this venture with the aim of giving us a tremendous profit from this task.

We, who are committed to this endeavor, will unquestionably do everything in our power to urge a lot of benefits from the biological system. We are with the undertaking at the outset, so that we all know the creation and that we can extend our voices and welcome individuals to take on this amazing mission. Greeneum interfaces Green Technology makers, consumers, and financial supporters, ensuring that perfect energy is sufficiently funded and traded on a global scale.

Greeneum manufactures innovations that are necessary for the construction of a decentralized Green Energy lattice for stuff to come back. We assemble equipment to confirm environmentally sustainable electricity generation and collect your GREEN motivators and carbon credits. Make your energy production inexhaustible more meaningful and effective. Encourage ventures and the sharing of renewable power globally and locally Enable energy consumers around the world to offset their carbon impression



Energy demand is increasing increasingly around the world in response to shifts in population, transport and economic activity. This rise in demand causes elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the environment and destroys our entire ecosystem. The World Bank’s study argues that air pollution creates health effects and costs billions of dollars a year.

Greeneum uses blockchain and unmatched AI to provide proprietary technologies to simplify microgrid energy storage. The imbatible AI algorithm offers a detailed forecast of energy demand that allows the microgrid operator to manage energy supply and demand. Meanwhile, energy networks run in untrusted forms and use blockchain technologies to eradicate inequalities, uneven delivery, demands and more issues in the energy market in developed countries.

Blockchain-based smart contracts, along with energy and environmental data management platforms, are the newest solutions to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon global economy. The new wave of blockchain technologies provides valid P2P smart connections, smart contracts, IoT, cognitive machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Greeneum is here to transform the way we use green energy and to have more constructive steps to make green energy processing and usage safer and affordable for many people around the world.


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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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