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Cryptocurrency was initially defined as a payment system that enables users to conduct transactions rapidly, without the involvement of third parties, in a transparent, secure, and anonymous manner. Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, enables Bitcoin to outperform the centralized financial system, which is prone to manipulation and controlled by a single entity. With the expansion and development of the cryptocurrency or blockchain ecosystem, a variety of alternative investment choices have arisen, and they have proved to be more efficient and successful investing instruments than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects with high return investments and continuous trends are continuously appearing in the crypto sector, such as IDO LAUNCHPAD, which is one of the projects that will draw big market investments.

The IDO Launchpad

The IDO Launchpad is now one of the finest platforms in the Blockchain sectors, allowing users can utilize the contract for decentralized fund raising of their project and allowing users to build up some different aspects on the platform such as maxi pool supply, settlement method, and so on.

However, the crypto industry is gaining a lot of attention, with its followers rapidly growing, which has resulted in the rise of so many blockchain projects for users to carry out transactions with ease, and the IDO launchpad is one great project created, for users to carry out fund raising and other activities in a simpler way because everything has been simplified in steps that are very understandable even for a lay man or to an average user that comes across it.

The Ido Launchpad is a platform established outdoors to allow users to purchase tokens using a sophisticated decentralized multichain system or pattern, making it easier for users to carry out their daily activities.

The Ido launchpad has been much improved and can be regarded as one of the greatest platforms where users may acquire tokens without authorization, allowing fund raisers to have a fair distribution of tokens.


The Ido Launchpad has a strong firmware and security network that is powered by multiple blockchain-based decentralized web applications. It is also built using various technologies such as Microsoft ASP, Net Frame work for user interface, and Metamask wallet API, which allows users to communicate and interact with the IDO launchpad.

Furthermore, the IDO Launchpad has a strong security network that can never be hacked by fraudsters, ensuring that your token is not stolen by hackers, and this is one of the reasons why they are utilizing powerful technology in the establishment of the IDO Launchplatform.
The IDO Launchpad is a large-scale blockchain platform that is open for anybody to use and has a variety of features that are available.

The IDO Launchpad is a safe blockchain infrastructure network platform that uses a cashless policy to conduct transactions. It is also a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that provides a market environment for all crypto users to have access to various types of tokens.

This platform is the new generation that has distinct features from other similar platforms, which has made it easier for users who are finding it tough from other similar platforms, and I recommend that you all give it a try to see what makes it different and special.

In summary, IDO tokens are simple to obtain only if you are a platform user, and there are about 600,000000 million worth of IDO tokens and approximately 450,000000 million worth of IDO tokens accessible.

Token Details

  • TOKEN TOKEN: 600,000,000 IDO
  • MAXIMUM OFFER: 450,000,000 IDO
  • FOR TEAM: 67,500,000 IDO
  • FOR INVESTORS: 270,000,000 IDO
  • FOUNDATION: 25,000,000 IDO
  • LIQUIDITY: 45,000,000 IDO
  • MARKETING TOKEN: 46,500,000 IDO
  • ADVISOR TOKEN: 4,500,000 IDO


2020 Q3;

  • IDO Launchpad Architecture development

2020 Q4;

  • IDO Launchpad Prototype Development
  • Multi Chain IDO Launchpad Development
  • Launch suit created to onboard IDO projects

2021 Q1;

  • IDO Launchpad Stress Testnet
  • Advanced price discovery algorithms implemented

2021 Q2;

  • Fair distribution algorithms implemented
  • Tested 18 projects on the testnet and the result were smooth and seamless

2021 Q3;

  • IDO Launchpad Native Token Sale
  • IDO Launchpad trading on many crypto exchanges
  • First onboarding of select projects on IDO Launchpad
  • Staking and DAO Governance
  • Further implementation of more blockchain into IDO Launchpad
  • Incentive Token Distribution Algorithm

2021 Q4;

  • More Value Added algorithms development
  • Onboarding of first 50 IDO projects on IDO Launchpad

2022 Q1;

  • Different price discovery mechanism oracles and algorithms implemented
  • Onboarding of first 500 IDO projects on IDO Launchpad

2022 Q2;

  • Expansion of IDO Launchpad Team size with dedicated research unit working on IDO Launchpad

Team Members

Launchpad is trying to completely enhance how new projects acquire liquidity and how participating users may get the most out of them in order to achieve the greatest outcomes. Everything is decentralized and permissionless, and it can be run in a cross-chain context using IDO Launchpad.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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