ITSMYNE — Social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs

NFTs have a wide range of applications, including electronic collectibles. Sports cards and other collectibles have consistently been an important part of any enthusiastic ally’s life. Fiscally, the games collectibles industry has had its brightest days, with soaring marketing predictions and a high level of curiosity in the item. This might evolve into a demand for cutting-edge collectibles, which could be given to fans through the use of Nft’s. As technology advances, it eliminates the problems associated with previous types of card-based collectibles and makes them more desirable to enthusiasts. Because #blockchain innovation is highly secure, the risks of forgery and other illicit activities are significantly reduced.

Blockchain, as the name implies, is based on the potential of a chain, which provides information at every level of acquisition, so making it safe and hack-proof overall. ITSMYNE is focused on presenting definitely approved collectibles on their business area for fans to purchase and exchange, making the entire experience more authentic by removing the possibility of unauthorised collectibles and copyright concerns.

NFTs of basically anything may be produced, including images, cards, accounts, and so on, broadening the scope and granting numerous new types of collectibles. You might buy your prized second from a game you saw and become the owner of it. A really fascinating concept with enormous potential. NFTs can also be used in virtual land and labeling applications. Fans may purchase an unexpected piece of the teams they support, which could provide them with exclusive information and an overall great experience.

The way sports labeling works these days raises concerns about extortion and other issues of trustworthiness. The implementation of a secure system, for example, blockchain, may without a doubt eliminate this issue because blockchain provides information on each trade done sequentially, implying that robbery and other illegal actions are unlikely to occur. Labeling consumes a large amount of resources, and the use of genuine paper-based tickets causes significant environmental damage. The use of NFT’s may also aid with dealing with this cycle, which can help bunches with prolonging their general income on the tickets and also help with reducing paper.

Issue NFT

In any event, they have limitations when used for NFTs:

  • No quick NFT withdrawals are available.
  • If a confident rollup is appealing and financially significant, it may attract attackers. This is due to the fact that the cost of stealing resources from the confident rollup is unrelated to the extent of the potential theft.


This data demonstrated that the NFT scaling game plan used at itsmyne should provide:

  • limitless adaptability
  • second trade certification
  • high-quality client service
  • unwavering client protection
  • access to Ethereum’s existing situation and associated implications

We understand that the NFT environment requires adaptability fast, without persuading applications like #itsmyne or our clients to consider the security of produced NFTs.

ITSMYNE is a social stage where retail clients can acquire legitimately approved advanced collectibles straight from contenders, sports gatherings, superstars, and creative studios, regardless of prior #crypto expertise. #ITSMYNE will first launch as a games-only stage with cinema and film-related affiliations with a variety of applications.

What utility does $MYNE offer to NFT token holders?

  • The ability to trade on the ITSMYNE Marketplace
  • Participation in fragmented buying pools
  • Earn money by checking $MYNE and contributing to the NFT.
  • $MYNE enables you to select the ITSMYNE organization.

ITSMYNE will provide legally sanctioned advanced collectibles from film and television, prominent personalities, production houses, games, individual candidates, groups, and alliances. As a handy initial step, ITSMYNE will launch local apps on iOS and Android, followed by a web application version. ITSMYNE’s social neighborhood ardent allies and NFT sweethearts to make trades, manage their portfolios, discuss attractive situations, and acquire simple market information.


ITSMYNE is a games-focused social networking NFT business place for officially allowed advanced collectibles built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM. ITSMYNE is similar to Reddit in that our clients may look at, snitch, gloat, and cheer about their favorite games while participating in the purchasing and trading of actual games NFTs for cash or usefulness, such as usage in PC games. Customers on ITSMYNE may earn stage money ($MYNE) for their discussions and community, which they can use to purchase NFTs from their favorite gatherings, businesses, clubs, organizations, and affiliations.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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