Mocktail Swap — Decentralized Swap Platform Running on Binance Smart Chain

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange that works without a centralized authority. DeFi refers to financial services that lack a centralized authority or someone in control. We can establish exchanges, lending services, insurance firms, and other organizations that don’t have an owner and aren’t controlled by anybody by using decentralized money, such as some cryptocurrencies that can be programmed for automated operations.

Dex enables you to exchange tokens in a decentralized way without the intervention of a third party.

What exactly is Mocktail Finance?

Mocktail Finance is an AMM protocol that combines multi-strategy yield optimization on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with minimal fees/slippage, as well as aggregation via vault compounding, lending, and yield production for maximum profits.


  • Swapping

Swapping is the exchange of one token for another on the same platform. Swapping is done at a low cost to the liquidity provider who has given liquidity to the pool.

  • Liquidity

The ease with which an asset may be exchanged to another one without impacting its price is measured by liquidity. In layman’s terms, liquidity refers to how quickly and easily an asset can be purchased or sold.

  • Farming

Yield farming is a method of generating extra cryptocurrency with your existing cryptocurrency. It entails you lending your money to others using the magic of computer programs known as smart contracts.

  • Staking

A staking pool is a collection of currency holders that pool their resources in order to improve their chances of validating blocks and getting rewards. They pool their staking power and split the benefits in accordance to their contributions to the pool.

What exactly is Mocktail Swap?

MocktailSwap is Binance Smart Chain’s decentralized swap solution. Which provides a framework for the development of a truly safe and quick decentralized token trading mechanism.

Token swaps on MocktailSwap are a quick and easy way to exchange one BEP-20 token for another using automated liquidity pools.

When you conduct a token swap (trade) on the exchange, you will be charged a 0.2 % trading fee, which is calculated as follows:

0.17 percent — Returned to liquidity pools as a fee incentive for liquidity providers.

0.03 percent — deposited in the MocktailSwap Development Treasury.

What is the point of Mocktail Swap?

  • Stable positioning of your assets with little to no impermanent loss
  • Automated, maximally optimized yield
  • Complete Decentralization
  • A fully governance-based MOK token economy


  • Trade- The exchange is an automated market maker (“AMM”) that allows two tokens on the Binance Smart Chain to be traded.
  • Earn- You can earn MOK through yield farms, staking, and other methods, and you may earn even more tokens.

Mocktail Token(MOK)

Mocktail Token is MocktailSwap’s first semi-fungible token. On Mocktail Finance, there is a new Ethereum token standard and a new sort of dapp! The ERC-1155 token standard allows one smart contract to manage nearly an infinite number of tokens — technically, 2²⁵⁶ token kinds with up to 2²⁵⁶ copies of each.

Furthermore, each token is semi-fungible. In contrast to ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which may only be possessed by one address at a time.

Furthermore, each token is semi-fungible. In contrast to ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which may only be possessed by one address at a time.

Semi-fungible means:

  • Each token type can be owned by multiple addresses
  • One address can own multiple copies of each token.


Ticker: MOK

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Max Supply: There’s currently no hard cap on the supply of MOK token, making it an inflationary token

Token Distribution



Mocktail finance is a decentralized Defi platform that allows users to exchange, farm, and stake their crypto and earn extra crypto by taking use of the Binance smart chain’s cheap fees structure to maximize revenue.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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