Monopoly Millionaire — Aspires To Develop A Circular Economic Paradigm Using Capital Power

Given the benefits of blockchain, MMG encourages networks and players to use blockchain resources in a fair and open manner, therefore establishing a cooperative economy with a large amount of business environment that is more sustainable and helpful. According to the game mode and client model, the blockchain form does not require a current stage. As a result, the MMG game box may comprehend open growth of games, open new value of agreement component, and give full play to the creative mind power that leads human imaginative soul from antiquity to the present.

What is Monopoly Millionaire Games?

Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an Ethereum-based NFT convention. It is in charge of coordinating NFT and gaming money. Monopoly Millionaire game box is a gaming item that includes blockchain innovation and has the characteristics of computerized resources and exchanging. The following are the specific cycle rules: In accordance with the blockchain drive, we will establish a decentralized venture bank through MMG and lead global financial backers to invest in the blockchain. Investing in MMG delivers predictable results, and all profits are distributed to financial backers. Another NFT project is MMG. The regulations for trading this computerized resource token (MMG) are the same as those for ordinary tokens. Its value is determined by scarcity, with the organic market on the lookout. What distinguishes MMG is that it may be exchanged for traditional monetary resources. Profits from venture returns will be distributed to MMG holders.


  • Click here to purchase MMG tokens from PANCAKESWAP. MMG can be employed for the hypothesis of initial public contribution, appropriate smoothing, and respect added.
  • Purchase NFT Snap to have access to MMG’s NFT trading market. Purchase NFTs to increase crucial yields. Stake to receive a 2% premium every day.
  • MMG’s first public contribution To access to the initial public contribution page, click here. Obtain a completely replicated public recommendation standard. In total, 50 million MMG first public contributions were received in ten gatherings.
  • NFT expert concept responsibility and inventiveness

MMG can have a social impact by extending the gaming populace with extremely low-cost advertising by controlling gaming expenditures and providing digital currency tokens (NFTs) to participants. As a result, MMG may broaden the NFT exchanges and provide customers with new options for remunerating themselves in the game. The low-cost advertising may also increase customer numbers, which will increase MMG’s client flow. MMG’s astute agreement understanding arrangement may suggest that the client population will continue to grow in the long run, and will be more interested in an auxiliary atmosphere afterwards.


MMG’s goal combines two perspectives: the value of gaming and advertising. As a general rule, games should be visible as intangible social heritage (including craftsmanship, history, and reasoning) that may be cherished by people all around the world. MMG recognizes that today’s game box components necessitate a creative mind and imagination. It is no longer a “game,” but rather a common object. Similarly, the activity of the worth of games should be beneficial for human turn of events and to produce adjustments in life proclivities; you don’t have to believe that it simply has a place with entertainment and relaxation time movement.

Game Box

MMG 1–3 games will be delivered as toy chest essentials such as blind chests, chess, games, and World Cup games as the main element of the MMG game box. MMG will insert massive compensations in games, and gamers should consume MMG to increase their chances of becoming billionaires. Investment reserve, game help expenditure, NFT exchange charge, promoting expense, and so on are all sources of gaming rewards.

Furthermore, MMG game box is a local region that implies to build a global environment of NFT games. It will create an advanced existence where customers may cultivate their own computerized resources and gain credits by adding to the neighborhood; users can likewise freely trade their advanced resources with other people.

The MMG game box’s second segment: MMG game box will be a location for clients to deal with their own digital resources. Clients can save their computerized assets, for example, NFT traded on various stages, in the MMG Game Fund; they can even create and store their own NFT here. Clients may specifically use the NFTs they have purchased or created here as in-game props; they can also use it to exchange cash or other resources with other players.


Name: Monopoly Millionaire Game
Ticker: MMG
Decimals: 6
Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Contract: 0x1c376275791069349fef8bd9f431382d384657a3

Token Use Cases

  • Administration.
  • Buying land in MMG Metaverse.
  • Buy items in MMG Metaverse.
  • Installment from Advertisers.
  • Virtual Space Leasing.
  • Pay for Previews and Interactions.
  • Venture vehicle.


MMG game box is the solution to the blockchain gaming challenge — tokens with no value. It’s a win-win situation for both the designer and the gamer because they can both make money by selling in-game items and pay out by swapping. MMG is a decentralized and brilliant game box with a total game flow of 3 billion, employing NFT, which is quite rare. For example, if a player has 1% MMG, he or she can receive 1% of a game sent off at once. Through the clever contract in the MMG chain, these offers may be shifted to other persons or swapped across games. It is predicted that the tokenization of various gaming resources would cause an upheaval in online gaming and even the release of fresh income-generating opportunities. With the growing value of the blockchain gaming sector, MMG will soon become an integral component of it.

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