Need for Turbo — Metaverse Racing Game on Ethereum and BinanceSmartChain

In any event, how the metaverse will operate and who will manage it are still unknowns, and the phrase has recently been used as a catch-all for a wide range of forward-thinking tech, gaming, and NFT-driven drives. Furthermore, it may be a long time until we as a whole are flowing as symbols on the web. Nonetheless, till until notice, this is what you actually want to know.

While there are possibly competing visions for how the metaverse will function, one thing appears to be constant: it is thought to be the next significant development of the Internet, moving from the text-driven sites and frequently closed environments of today into shared, covering 3D spaces in which clients collaborate through symbols.

Defenders believe that the metaverse will be used for a variety of purposes, including socializing, gaming, commerce, and even employment. The metaverse will not be a single webpage or stage, but rather a collection of online spaces that will support flexible symbols and resources that you may transfer from one virtual location to the next.

Need for Turbo is a Multichain Play To Earn NFT Metaverse Racing Game that runs on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. You can drive alone or in groups to improve your chances of winning. Play the single player mode to put your skills to the test, play with your friends in private rooms, or compete in open tournaments against other racers to rise up the ranks and earn Need for Turbo Coins (NFTC). Spend NFTC to recreate and adjust your NFT-based symbols and karts, and a portion of the spent tokens are returned to the discharge pool to be obtained again by competitors.

Presale Token

The presale is divided into two stages. Clients who do errands may be able to participate in a whitelist presale and acquire NFTC at a 10% discount. After the whitelist presale concludes, the public presale begins, where tokens may be acquired at the genuine send off cost while avoiding exchange fees. Finally, we shall embark on decentralized trading and enter the structural stage.

An adversary of bot instrument is acquainted shortly after dispatch with preventing bots from unloading on human financial backers. To ensure a fair send off, presale members who can’t be unloaded since they bought in at the lowest cost have a deferral following send off before they are permitted to guarantee their tokens, despite the fact that they continually acquire reflections.


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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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