NEOXCARD — A Smart Crypto Card Designed To Make Crypto More Accessible

The #cryptocurrency was created as an alternative payment option that allows users to conduct transactions in a more safe, fast, and anonymous manner. Because of the advantages it provides, it is predicted that cryptocurrency will be used in payments in the future; as a result, many individuals have begun using cryptocurrency as a payment method and even as an investment asset due to the price fluctuations.

Given that many individuals have begun to use cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, NEOXCARD wishes to provide a cryptocurrency-supported payment platform. #NEOX provides a future payment platform that lets consumers to access a variety of financial services to meet their varied demands. #NEOX is not just for Ethereum or Bitcoin holders; it is for everyone, making cryptocurrencies available to everyone all over the world.

About Neoxcard

Smart Contracts are lines of code that are managed on a blockchain and typically run when predetermined conditions are satisfied. At their most basic, they are programs that run the way they were designed to run by the individuals who created them. The advantages of clever agreements are often obvious in commercial joint ventures, where they are frequently employed to carry out some type of seeing so that all persons can be confident of the conclusion without the involvement of a go-between.

A sharp understanding wallet is a crypto wallet that aids smart contracts. By the end of the day, these wallets have engaged in a variety of actions such as buying or selling tokens, token exchange, dapp correspondence, trade, get, or advance. Parts of a wise agreement wallet:

  • Borrowing and crediting crypto assets with specific money demonstrates
  • Token sale, purchase, exchange, or trading
  • enabling collaborative work with several Dapps

Because of market disparities and hypnotic mechanical progress, computerized sorts of currency have recently been at the forefront of discussion. Regardless, acquiring a cryptographic cash wallet is a significant interest for anybody looking to place or exchange advanced financial structures. There can be no trades if you don’t have a wallet. Having a solid wallet is critical for protecting yourself from a broad range of dangers, hacks, or deceptions; hence, you should ensure a wallet that is true and can preserve your resources free of any damage.

The ability to hold recognizable advanced money in similar wallets is implied by multi-computerized cash wallets. Furthermore, you may create an infinite number of wallets based on your own ideas. NEOXCARD future wallet might be an excellent alternative for consumers that need to trade using a variety of monetary standards. Although Bitcoin was the most popular currency, there are several other financial structures that are keeping track and each of them has a distinct setup.

Benefits and Dividend Distribution

#Neox coins are distributed on an astute understanding, utilizing the ERC20 standard on the completely decentralized Ethereum blockchain. An astute knowledge ensures quarterly benefit sharing. Each quarter, a dispersion as ETH will be determined via a sharp consent to all Neox token holders, corresponding to half of #Neox net quarterly benefits after board charges and operational expenditures.


NEOX is a smart crypto card that seeks to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone on the planet. Users can buy real or virtual debit cards for their payments from this page. Users will be able to make speedier payments with their crypto using this card in the future. But that’s not all; NEOX also has the following features:

Payment Processing: Users may use NEOX to make payments using their #cryptocurrency. The conversion from crypto to fiat will be completed fast, and consumers will not have to do it manually since NEOX will do it for them.

Card Type: Token holders will receive a normal NEOX card, while the first 3,000 investors who spend $500 will receive a limited card.

Card Fees: NEOX will not charge costs for any activity on the platform, however customers will still be charged internal blockchain fees.

Wallet App: Developers created a wallet app to help users with different needs such as exchange, freezing and unfreezing Neox cards, profit sharing, crypto credit in fiat cash, and so on.

Payments & Dividends: NEOX intends to share earnings to all NEOX users quarterly.

Reinvestment/Token Buyback: Twenty percent of net earnings will be reinvested or purchased back in order to increase the token price. Furthermore, 5% of the net earnings will be utilized to purchase back and burn Neox tokens.

Token Details

NEOX intends to introduce a native token called #NEX. The NEX token will be released on the Ethereum Network using the ERC-20 standard and will function as a utility token, which means it will be utilized on the platform for a variety of purposes such as transactions, access to premium services, and so on. The supplied wallet software allows users to manage their #NEX tokens and crypto assets. Through obtain NEX tokens, consumers must participate in the #ICO campaign, which will run from August to December 2021.

Token Distribution

A total of 1.050,000,000 #NEX Tokens, or 70% of the entire emblematic stock, will be made available for purchase. Unsold tokens will be destroyed by burned-through. Following the completion of the Token Sale, all subsequent unified symbolic dispersal will be completed to the detriment of the resource, which is re-energized with charge parts. According to the market, the expenditure is not fixed in perpetuity. Similarly, it will be considered that more arrangement causes overstock and also the chance of market decrease relates to. To ensure the benefits of the Neox initial purchasers, the allocation method should fully reduce this risk.



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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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