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What exactly is Nergame?

Nergame is an immersive gaming website where users can build, connect, and share with themselves while attempting to solve various obstacles using their mobile phones in live streaming.

How Does Nergame Work?

The platform’s operation is extremely basic. There are two groups of users: players and spectators.

  • The users in charge of completing the challenges and streaming it live from their cell phones are known as the players.
  • The audiences are the consumers in charge of seeing these challenges, both live and delayed, and will comment on them.
  • During the challenge period, viewers can sponsor a player by paying a certain NERC amount, which gives the viewer the ability to communicate with the player via chat during his live streaming.


  • The challenges for each case are completely different and change the theme, as well as the complexity.
  • Any competition has a time limit that can not be exceeded and the player’s score for this challenge would be 0 in this situation.
  • There are also a set of rules to obey on the challenge, but it is up to the audience to determine whether or not these rules are followed, which can be reflected by the viewer’s vote.
  • New challenges can be suggested by both players and viewers, and they can be implemented or not. This is also the responsibility of the Nergame platform.


  • When the competition visualization is completed, both live and delayed, the app encourages users to vote for this challenge to this player, but only if they are enrolled.
  • If a vote is cast, it cannot be reversed and can have an immediate impact on the final scores assigned.
  • It is important to watch the entire challenge, from start to finish, before voting, providing access to see the best moments or vote again if it did not work the first time.


  • The ratings are assigned randomly based on the challenge period in seconds and are proportional to the number of votes cast by viewers. Scores are strong while the challenge time is low.

-A 30-minute challenge is seen as an example.

  • 250 points = 900 seconds of streaming * (25 good votes / 50 total votes).
  • On each event, you can see how each player ranks in terms of points, as well as accurate scores for each challenge.


The advantage of the network is that the case generates 20% of NERC.

5 percent would be burned.

The remaining 75% is divided among the three players who have the highest scores for this game. The division is made as follows:

  • The player with the highest score receives 37.5 percent of the total.
  • The second player with the highest scores receives a bonus of 22.5 percent.
  • 15 percent to the third-highest-scoring player.


NERC’s gross production is 7.000.000.

The following will be the NERC distribution:

  • Distribution rate of 40%
  • 25% of the Development Team
  • Platform use is 20%.
  • Ten percent airdrop
  • 5% Compensation

What exactly is Nercoin (NERC)?

Nercoin is a digital resource that is transferable but not physical, and it is stored in an Ethereum smart contract. Can be obtained by purchasing a digital token of form ERC20 known as Nercoin (NERC). Nercoin can also be used to make any kind of purchase anywhere in the world, as well as for merchandise and digital services.

We will use the same token as Nercoin for the initial NERC ICO, but we will build it in the WAVES network due to the low commissions of this network. If the first phase of the project is completed, we will build a smart contract in the Ethereum network to convert the NERC assets from the WAVES token to the ERC20 token.

There is a cumulative NERC supply of 7.000.000 available from the launch.

What distinguishes us?

Advance to the next stage
You will not only be a beneficiary of content, but you will also build and distribute it. All you have to do is gather your strength, get off the couch, and begin displaying your abilities.


Since the advertising will be used to monetize the website as a whole, we will never need to use advertisements.

A Successful Debut
There will be no public auction of NERC tokens, and they will be accessible on the WAVES exchange.

Nergame’s Roadmap




NERC Token:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Proof Of Authentication:

Bitcointalk username : Cryptolakshi

Bitcointalk URL :;u=2813018

Waves wallet : 3PFmoYqXAYiQ188hQyv4RKsHAELBC49o6cb




Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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