NEXT Protocol — ​Defi Tokens for the Robot Economy

In modern days like today, there are many ways people can do to help and ease their work, for example by using robotics for jobs such as goods manufacturing or other routine activities that can be performed easier and quicker.

Robots can only work in manufacturing, robots can also support facilities in restaurants, hospitals, visitor sites, among many more items that robots can do to help humans work. As a result, many businesses are beginning to hire robotics to support their companies.

Talking about robotics, maybe you’ll be interested in this platform, this is a platform that offers a protocol that lets developers create and publish their robots, this is the Latest Protocol-building, designing and collaborating next generation robots and their related application to the real-life problem-solving applications such as Covid scenarios, Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs.

In addition, NEXT is a UAE-based association of presence in the US, re-examining and modifying substantial mechanized phases as corobots to support individuals in retail and industrial workplaces. As they began introducing robotic initiatives, they also realized the challenges of customization at different levels, needing capability and collaboration between different program designers. In view of these needs, NEXT has created a NEXT display for Robotics, which is powered by Blockchain and DeFi.

NEXT Protocol grants clear appropriation of Robot Resources using our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots, enables Robots to work using their own tokens (ERC20 Robo Tokens Express Transfer and Mint Company) and to market these Robot organizations in business habitats. In addition, each robot payable may be awarded to Token holders who may use their Robot Tokens for yield. NEXTiBOTs, loaded with the NEXT Protocol, are here to actually draw the clients while restricting human interaction, communicate with customers and workers and exchange information and engage telepresence and collaborate while remaining separated.

Defi Tokens for the Robot Economy

NEXT Protocol is used to collect, build and group cutting edge robots and their related application to authentic simple logic using cases such as Covid situations, Robot Gaming and Robot NFTs.

  • NEXT Token grants Developers to produce Robot Apps with their redesign tokens and send them to the corporate sector for procurement and consumption by companies and organizations.
  • Companies can add and transmit prebuilt software to Robots such as NEXTiBOTs that have Greet-iBot, Safe-iBot, etc. They can also float proposals for planners to build new Robots.
  • Gamers will create Robot games on the ROS and run and play on Hexacore processors. Robots will be engaged in edge management of simple speculation to be gained in the built-in wallets of a computer.
  • Robot Token Holders by stamping NEXT Tokens can obtain Rental for Robot Applications which are used in business circumstances by Blockchain Wallet Node for each Robot. Algorand blockchain can be used for decentralization and a vast variety of mechanical inventions.

Our Goals

We hope to transform the world by joining robots in the step-by-step life of everybody for a more shrewd way of life. Our basic goal is to promote the upside of Next Generation Technologies through a human-centred approach to regular everyday presence. The NEXT Protocol meeting is enlivening a world where Robotics, Blockchain and Augmented Reality make life simpler and help robots with their partners and carry out self-government efforts.

Together, we are widening the limits of robotic creation to promote human partnerships. In order to allow robot owners to make the appropriate applications operate from any business position in a productive way, an important and straightforward environment will be needed. The NEXT token similar to its Protocol will not merely engage it, but will further improve inspiration as an advantage by capacity. In addition, Blockchain is fundamentally engaged in prosperity, possession and DeFi acquisition.

NEXTiBOT allows a coordinated effort to be made by robots using NEXT tokens for fragmentary robot possession, decentralized regulation, programming and robot swarms. Although NEXTiBOT is a full-fledged Robot passed on to the new normal after COVID, the association is also developing a NEXT Protocol Decentralized Software, a vocabulary, a brand and a small freethinker, as it will function through various phases, different robots from different creations, application market focuses to fuse them.

NEXT Protocol licenses Direct circulation of Robot Services using our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots. It grants associations to build Autonomous Robotic applications that can operate with their own tokens (Send and Mint Express Company ERC20 Robo Tokens) to sell these Robot organizations in a NEXT-encouraged business culture. Robot privileges can be given to Token holders who can invest in their Robot Tokens and receive rental income through built-in DeFi shows.

Business Model

Distinctive open entrances triumph over NEXTiBOT in the robot markets. The territory is new and there are usually a few alliances that offer first-rate robotics to consumers that are wise and are coordinating the existing market needs of Covid. There is an indisputable opening, and NEXTiBOT has recently realized the people’s requirements, identified creative courses of action, and now has invested time identifying consumers who are looking at robotic responses to make their work experience better. We see a remarkable open entrance to NEXTiBOT for penetration in order to produce its bit of general business and become the undisputed leader in the Middle East and Africa markets.


NEXT Protocol licenses Direct appropriation of Robot Resources using our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots. Licenses associations to create Autonomous Robotic applications that can operate on their own tokens or submit and Mint market-uncertain ERC20 Robo tokens to offer these Robot organizations in the NEXT encouraged business place. Robot pay can be given to Token holders who can take part in their Robot Tokens and receive rental income from built-in DeFi shows. We’re locked in to get the top share of minds of people who use our stuff until they profit from the after-effects of different rivals. Through our far-reaching plan, MEA’s authoritative work and our overall association, we will easily accomplish that.

NEXTiBOT is an AI ROBOT Powered by NEXT Protocol for
- Touchless Visitor Management System
- Intelligent Receptionist
- Social Distance Monitoring Inspector
- Covid-19 Robo Inspector
- Retail Store Helper
- Safety Sanitizer
- Customer Feedback and Entertainer
- HR Engagement Officer

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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