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Many platforms are now implementing DeFi and NFT protocols on their platforms. The platform delivers numerous DeFi and NFT capabilities and solutions to all users by utilizing the DeFi and NFT protocols. Users may trade NFT tokens and have access to numerous DeFi services on this platform, increasing the return on their crypto investment. Many DeFi platforms and NFT markets are now active in the crypto market, with PancakeSwap being one of the most prominent nowadays, where users may freely use numerous DeFi features and exchange NFT tokens.

Given the rapid growth of the DeFi and NFT sectors, Non-Fungible DeFi, abbreviated as NFD, wants to create a platform that integrates DeFi and NFT. It is a platform that combines many protocols to automatically allocate customer deposits and give them with high earnings. Through several creative DeFi features, users may play and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

What is NFD?

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of decentralized financial applications for various crypto purposes, such as token exchanges, yield farming, staking, and so on. Users of the DeFi platform may generate passive income every day, obtain loans with collateral, and do a variety of other activities. The DeFi platform now not only offers DeFi services, but also an NFT marketplace where users may exchange NFT tokens. Seeing the growth of the DeFi and NFT sectors, NFD, or Non-Fungible DeFi, was chosen as the platform to integrate DeFi and NFT characteristics. NFD provides users with yield farming, staking, and other DeFi capabilities, but through an NFT token method, where users’ ownership will be validated before they earn rewards.

NFD functions as a platform that combines several protocols, allocating user deposits to the consensus with the most profitability. As a result, users might earn a higher return. At the same time, customers will be able to play a variety of games supplied by the NFD platform. As a result, players may play and profit every day.


NFD is a platform that combines NFT and DeFi capabilities, allowing users to both play and earn cryptocurrency. NFD provides players with the ability to freely play a variety of games utilizing NFD native tokens. When people play, they can earn tokens if they successfully complete the game. In this approach, it motivates users to play the game better in order to gain monetary prizes. But that’s not all; NFD has numerous other characteristics as well:

Staking: Users that lock or hold tokens in their wallets will be rewarded based on the quantity of tokens they possess.

Farming: Users may earn more money by participating in yield farming initiatives.

DEX: Users can swap their tokens on NFD’s decentralized trading platform.

SWAP: NFD makes it simple for users to exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies without incurring any deposit or transaction fees.

NFD Token

The NFD Token is a native token created by the NFD platform that will function as a utility and governance token. The NFD coin is based on the Binance BEP-20 and has a total quantity of 50,000 NFD. Users who possess an NFD token will be able to engage in staking and farming programs, have voting rights, access different functions on the platform, and so on. NFD coins may be obtained using Pancakeswap or Kucoin.



The NFD team began this project with project planning, the Binance smart chain, the launch of a website, the launch of a whitepaper, the introduction of a coin, and the introduction of an airdrop. NFD will next proceed with audits, private sale and ieo launch, bkex/lbank listing announcement, and partnership announcement.

NFD will begin kucoin or mxc listing, unirocket channel launch, binancerocket channel launch, coineckolisting, CMC listing, staking/farming website launch, nft game launch, and own crypto wallet debut after success in these phases. All of this is achievable provided NFD receives support from users and investors, who play an important part in the platform’s development.

Meet Team Members

NFD Partners


Significant breakthroughs have occurred in the DeFi and NFT industries in recent months. This is understandable given that the DeFi and NFT platforms enable crypto users to simply sell their digital content or receive passive money every month, among other advantages. In addition, it is non-fungible. DeFi is a platform that combines DeFi and NFT functionalities. NFD will be a platform that aggregates multiple protocols that will redistribute user deposits in accordance with the greatest income, providing consumers with significant returns. Because this is an NFT platform where users may earn prizes by playing various games. Users may so play and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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