PADCOIN — The first OOH advertising network

What exactly is PADCoin?

PADcoin is the sole on-platform currency for, the world’s first blockchain OOH advertising network. PowerAD delivers blockchain-based technologies to Brands and Marketing organizations to enable them interact and monetize their audiences with private vehicle owners who are eager to wrap their car.

PowerAD is an advertising platform that decentralizes the way advertising is provided to end users and allows a single individual to benefit from it. PowerAD is an advertising platform that pays people to display advertisements on their vehicles. It is an advertising platform that enables brands and advertisers to design, manage, and scale advertising campaigns on consumer vehicles. PowerAD provides simple and quantifiable out-of-home advertising solutions for today’s world — we make launching outdoor advertising as simple as publishing a Facebook ad. By utilizing a pool of outdoor assets on our simple-to-use marketplace platform, PowerAD has the technology to make buying out-of-home media trackable, easy, and at scale.

Vehicle Advertising

Data-driven creativity and flexibility

  • The most cost-effective OOH medium
  • Anywhere, at any time
  • Launching is simple and quick.
  • Scalable and trackable

Why Transit OOH

Vehicle graphics were considered to have a greater impact than billboards by 96 percent of respondents.

  • 8 billion impressions per year
  • Every day, I earn between $20,000 and $22,000

Vehicle graphics were deemed to have a favorable impact on a company’s image by 98 percent of respondents.

How does PowerAD work?

PowerAD compensates people for displaying advertisements on their vehicles. Our firm compensates its clients for advertising their vehicles. PowerAD is an advertising platform that allows brands and businesses to build and manage consumer car advertising campaigns. PowerAD is the simplest method for automobile owners to earn an extra monthly money while driving and doing daily chores. A neutral advertising platform that links drivers and companies in order to produce compelling car advertising.

PowerAD is the world’s first blockchain advertising platform, enabling brands and advertisers to manage and scale advertising campaigns on consumer cars using our mobile applications and real-time monitoring system.


PowerAD provides exceptional advertising performance through real-time analytics, traceability, and measurability.

Economic growth

  • RETARGET any online audience that has been exposed to real-world advertisements, improving sales and conversions.
  • MEASURE the success of omni-channel initiatives in real-time with live analytics, and learn about attribution and return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Using geographical data, adjust the location, length, and audience of a campaign.

The more locations/franchises that open, the more clients and users there are in the system. The more users there are in the system, the more tokens are required.

PowerAD now operates three franchises in North Macedonia, Nigeria, and Bulgaria, with a fourth set to open in Tanzania. By the end of 2022, PowerAD will have more than 20 franchisees throughout the world and will be available in over 100 locations.


  • PowerAD distributes up to 30% of campaign revenue to drivers.
  • If the customer uses 10.000PAD to conduct a campaign, up to 30% of the PADCoin is assigned to drivers who are assigned to that advertising campaign.
  • Smart contracts will be used to burn 70% of the PADCoin.
  • PowerAD will burn all tokens utilized on the platform on a quarterly basis until we reach a maximum supply of 100.000.000 PADCoin.

The following are some examples of Global Marketing Analysis (GMA):

  • The worldwide advertising market in the United States is worth $34.2 billion.
  • Market increase of 3.8 percent across Europe and Central Asia.
  • PowerAD anticipates yearly growth of 10 nations, 50 brands, 100 cities, and 10,000 users.

How does the PowerAD blockchain work?

1. The client is requesting a campaign in PowerAD.

2. As the customer makes a FIAT payment, PowerAD Blockchain activates the smart contract, and the amount paid by the client is automatically converted into PADCoin at the current market price.

3. The client uses PADCoin to fulfill the campaign request.

4. Once PowerAD has activated the campaign and the cars have been wrapped, the drivers may begin using the Apps to track their trip.

5. Drivers are compensated in PADCoin for their efforts during the campaign.

6. When the campaign is over, the system credits the earned PADCoin to their account at the current market value of PADCoin.

7. Drivers may spend PADCoin in a variety of ways:

  • Hold or stake the tokens while waiting for the price to rise.
  • Exchange it for BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies on the market ( Binance, Probit, Exmarkets etc.. )

Token Details

● START TIME: 15 Mar, 2021



● TOTAL SUPPLY: 200,000,000

● TOKENS OFFERED: 100,000,000

● PRIVATE SALE: 10,000,000 PAD

● IEO CROWDSALE: 90,000,000 PAD

● IEO HARD CAP: 22,500,000$

Token Distribution


More Info

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Bitcointalk Username : Cryptolakshi
Bitcointalk Profile :;u=2813018
ERC-20 wallet address : 0xA2f3dEE310133fec376F2061B6BBf2BC9FD8e9D1




Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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