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Many sites in the cryptocurrency industry are now using the decentralized finance protocol and providing different DeFi functionality to consumers worldwide. More DeFi platforms have emerged and are growing in the market, particularly after the emergence of Binance Smart Chain, which is blockchain technology issued by a famous exchange, namely Binance, and is a blockchain technology that is swift, stable, low-fees, and better ecosystem support for the production of decentralized applications.

Persistence is here as a bridge that will link decentralized and conventional financial domains in a number of fields, bringing a modern financial model to global users.

The Road to a New Financial Paradigm

We are both aware that cryptocurrency is a potential industry with the potential to develop in the future. However, when seen as a whole, the crypto industry accounts for just 0.01 percent of the conventional financial system. This is a tiny amount, and in order to change it, we need a modern “business model,” which can propel the cryptocurrency industry to new heights. Persistence is a protocol that will fill the gap between decentralized and conventional finance, as well as a forum that will support the development of next-generation financial products for users worldwide.

Persistence builds a next-generation financial environment with enterprise and crypto-native use cases. Persistence works on different crucial issues, such as decentralized banking, which encourages people to engage with conventional digital and financial properties. Non-Fungible Tokens, which provide access to NFTs assets such as art or other NFTS objects. And Proof-of-Stake, in which Persistence can develop goods to produce prospects and solve problems associated with the novel PoS consensus process, albeit in a multi-chain context. All of this is done to build a financial environment comprising the next wave of financial products that will provide global consumers with a new financial model.


Persistence is an environment that contains a variety of financial products that are extremely beneficial to institutional and crypto-native consumers. Comdex, for example, is a financial offering that emerges from the Persistence ecosystem and focuses on the commodities trading market. Comdex is a forum for commodity trading and trade finance that is fast, open, and dependable. It is a website designed specifically for facilitating trades. Not just that, but Persistence also offers some financial goods. Persistence offers the following financial products:

  • is a framework designed primarily to improve Persistence’s network and ecosystem. These are validators for the Persistence ecosystem, however will also benefit the greater PoS network ecosystem in the future.
  • is a website that helps consumers to optimize the returns on their cryptocurrency investments. Stakeholders may raise the yield on their staked securities.
  • Asset Mantle is a Persistence-provided platform for developing dependable individual marketplace NFTs and enabling NFT interoperability across multiple chains.
  • Plend is a crowdfunding site for stablecoins that is backed by real-world money. Allow stablecoin investors to provide liquidity to Comdex while profiting from real-world income-generating funds.

XPRT Token

XPRT is a native token of the Persistence ecosystem that will be used to sustain the Persistence ecosystem’s operations and growth. XPRT can double as a governance, staking, and job token. The first 100 million XPRT will be minted at the genesis, and the rest will be distributed steadily over the next 42 months. It is intended to foster a long-term and robust growth environment. If you are interested, you can purchase XPRT directly from the AscendEX website.


When we look at the current capitalization of the cryptocurrency industry, we can see that it is reasonably big, but when opposed to the conventional financial economy, the crypto market is just 0.01 percent. The crypto industry needs a modern financial philosophy that can steer the market in a more positive direction. And Persistence is here to rise to the occasion. The protocol that powers the next-generation financial product is persistence. Persistence would function as a bridge between decentralized and conventional finance, ushering us into a modern financial age through a variety of financial products designed to serve both institutional and crypto-native clients.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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