PIE NETWORK — Tokendrop for the Binance Smart Chain Community

The development of Blockchain technology has been rapid, and several parties, especially local and private businesses, are now interested in the blockchain industry. Blockchain technology is a technology for the future, and most people expect that it will be needed in the future. Satoshi also developed new technology such as secure transfers, e-commerce upgrades, and all cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. Online transactions that are encrypted, secure, readily available, and straightforward are key factors in the growth of every network. Additional costs impact all manufacturing economies, but due to blockchain solutions, all of this is now possible. With a promising idea, quality goods, and an established team required in the position of creating blockchain projects, the involvement of the Pie Network project will give you a major advantage in the crypto market.

  • Pie Token is a free token drop for the entire crypto community, especially Binance Smart Chain users. We agree that the Binance Smart Chain network is the best option for the future of our project.

We arrived early to capture the interest of the Binance Smart Chain network’s current population.

Because of the lower and quicker transaction costs, we expect that the BNB network will be used by many crypto groups in the future.

> Pie Token Will Provide Rewards For Those Top 250 Holders

> Everyone Can Participate To Claim Free Tokens From Our Tokendrop Events Via Smart Contracts

>Only Limit Every 1 Wallet Address To Claim Pie Tokens

Why should people use Pie token

The crypto community is currently crowded like a token with staking and farming systems.

We use a unique distribution system in which every Binance smart chain user can perform mining or what are known as Pie token claims on our smart contracts to increase the number of tokens in circulation.

Free for Community

Claiming our tokens is the same as mining our tokens; the more people who claim our tokens, the more tokens would circulate based on the available availability of approximately 21 million tokens.

>18,000,000 : Pie tokens will be distributed via our smart contracts across the binance smart chain community.

>1,312,000 : Pie tokens will be distributed to our top 250 token holders.

>188,000 : Pie tokens will be distributed for airdrop, bounty and other marketing.

>1,000,000 : Pie tokens will be distributed for DEX or CEX exchanges.

>500,000 : Pie tokens for future development.

How many Pie tokens can each wallet address generate?

Please keep in mind that each wallet address can only claim once. Our initial allocation of 30 Pie tokens per wallet to 0 Pie tokens per wallet would finally run out, leaving a final stock of 21 million Pie tokens.

The more individuals who demand Pie tokens, the less Pie tokens are received before there are none left, which is the same as the block incentive of bitcoin mining.

Top Holders Distribution Details

>Claim Reward 20–375k Pie tokens

>Claim Reward 15–300k Pie tokens

>Claim Reward 10–250k Pie tokens

>Claim Reward 5–200k Pie tokens

>Claim Reward 2–125k Pie tokens

>Claim Reward 0–62,500 Pie tokens


We want to thank all of the families and Pie token holders who are still with us. We have a lot of details we’d like to share with the rest of the world about our future project priorities.

● Pie Token distribution via smart contract
● Bounty / Marketing
● Held 300k Pie token event for first test of smart contract Our farm is divided into two farming with Pie token or Cake Lp token
● Fully released Farm Pie token
● As additional support, we will release other Farms to get some BNB or other tokens for Pie token holders

● Pie Token distribution via smart contract has stopped
● The remaining funds from the distribution of the top 250 holders will be diverted to Agriculture
● Burn Pie token to reduce supply amount
● Added several new exchanges for Pie token

● Added several new exchanges for Cex or Dex Pie tokens
● Test our proprietary Dex Exchange and also test Pie token web wallet with other crypto exchange features

● Release our main token of PieSwap token
● Provides Swap Pie token with PieSwap Token
● Releasing dex Pie swap

We have a lot of work to do in order to stay in the crypto community with all of the groups and Pie token holders. Our goal now and in the future is to have the best for our society. We have never made a private or public sale of our tokens, but we do not have ample funding to fulfill any of our objectives. However, we promise that our work will be completed to the best of our ability, and we will make this happen for all Pie token holders. We do our best for the city, so keep your Pie token and don’t forget to demand your free Pie token until we finish.

#PieNetwork $PIE #Crypto #BinanceSmartChain #Blockchain


>Website : https://pienetworktoken.com/

>Twitter : https://twitter.com/network_pie

>Telegram : https://t.me/network_pie

>Medium : https://networkpie.medium.com/

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Forum Username: Cryptolakshi
Forum Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2813018
Telegram username: @akalankaaoki
BSC Wallet Address: 0x2FAa553B608CfDa5f30a613b38e299781Beaa2f5




Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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