Rabbit Finance — Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

Since 2020, the planet has seen the unstoppable emergence in DeFi decentralized finance. The trend is becoming exceedingly powerful, causing a slew of new businesses to spring up. According to the data of loan, money management, and exchanges of Defi programs, Defi meets the real needs of many borrowers, which causes the data on the chain to rise. At the moment, the cumulative number of Defi lockups worldwide has surpassed 100 billion USD.

That is because the Defi has sprouted in the blockchain industry, allowing investors to witness the appeal of decentralized financial services. If it is a lending, insurance, or money management, it is implemented seamlessly and without the risks of black casework of brokers through the code on the chain or pre-set guidelines. In the one hand, clients are more at ease when their fund is held by them; on the other hand, the use of funds is increasing, and they have more options when selecting and balancing their investing strategies.

Various types of Defi are constantly emerging at the moment. However, a one-stop Defi product that can meet all of your needs is still lacking in the industry. In this setting, Rabbit Finance emerges.

What is Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based leveraged yield farming protocol developed by Rabbit Finance Lab. It enables users to participate in liquidity farming by over-lending and leveraging to increase sales.

When a user lacks funds but wishes to engage in DeFi liquidity farming, Rabbit Finance may offer up to 10X collateral to assist users in obtaining the highest income per unit time while still providing a borrowing pool for users who want safe returns to gain money.

Although predecessors such as Link, COMP, and BAL are battling alone in this room, Rabbit Finance, a latecomer, has begun to propel capital integration to be the one for all of Defi.

On Rabbit Finance, Defi ecology featured modules such as lever gun pool + arithmetic stablecoin, NFT+ arithmetic stablecoin. Rabbit Finance hopes to develop the Defi ecosystem by combining simple to advanced and interlocking features.

It allows users to explore the different contexts of DeFi use in a one-stop manner while still yielding rich returns.

The feature and value of Rabbit Finance

  1. Cora

The lender deposits his BNB in our deposit vault; his asset becomes available for borrowing by a yield farmer; and he gains interest for having this liquidity.

2. Dunn

The yield farmer wishes to open a leveraged yield farming spot on the BTC/BNB pair; he borrows BNB from the vault in order to reap higher yield farming rewards.

3. Rabbit

Finance’s smart contract does all of the mechanics behind the scenes, such as optimally switching assets to the appropriate ratio, providing liquidity to the pool, and staking LP for Pancake Rewards.

4. Gary

The liquidator tracks the health of any leveraged position, and where it exceeds those parameters, she assists in liquidating the asset, ensuring that lenders such as do not loss money. She receives a 5% commission from the liquidated position in exchange for this operation.

5. James

The bounty hunter keeps track of the amount of prizes earned in each pool and assists in reinvesting them, compounding returns for all farmers. He receives 0.4 percent of the incentive pool as payment for this program. 30 percent will be used as a buyback fund for RABBIT’s buyback and deflation. The remaining 69.6 percent would be turned into pool LP and vowed once more to earn compounding returns.

Furthermore, as the bounty hunter pitches on the pool and completes the reinvestment, 30% of the pool’s bounty is used as buyback funds to promote the token’s worth.

Why does reinvestment increase the token’s value? In economics, this is demonstrated by the supply and demand relationship. When the market exceeds the supply, the asset’s value is bound to rise. According to Rabbit Finance’s deflation process, 30% of reinvestment proceeds are used to repurchase funds in order to achieve persistent token deflation. In the author’s opinion, the Rabbit’s deflation mechanism would become a critical element in understanding the token’s price. Continuous buyback and disposal enable the amount of token supply to decrease on a limited scale. As a result, the token would become more valuable. When Rabbit is fully implemented, the token’s price is supposed to increase in lockstep.

The pool’s bounty of 30% is used as buyback funds to increase the worth of the coin. For this service, 0.4 percent of the bounty pool is provided directly to the bounty hunter as a payout, while the remaining 69.6 percent is turned into pool LP and promised again to earn compounding returns. The enormous power provided by repeated investment allows investors to earn further.

Rabbit has several other values besides the value rise caused by token depreciation. For eg, prior to the arrival of Rabbit, gun pool tokens could only rule. Rabbit owners, on the other hand, will mortgage their stakes to the board in order to share incentives. As long as Rabbit Finance is successful, its owners have the right to split the dividend and make simple money.

NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a growing niche market in which almost everyone can participate. The expert predicts that NFT has the ability to become one of the world’s largest markets. The Rabbit’s authority has paid careful consideration to its token. Rabbit Finance Lab will continue to motivate the Rabbit token; for example, Rabbit holders will be able to purchase irregularly released NFT artwork, and the Rabbit will be permanently locked up at this time. Its distribution will be limited, and its value is predicted to rise in the near future. Holding NFT can help to accelerate mining by providing value to the NFT through the use of Rabbit.

These two parties have mutual relationships, which means that keeping Rabbit allows holders to keep NFT, and the value of NFT token responds on the appreciation of Rabbit.

What is RABBIT token?

RABBIT token is a Rabbit Finance governance token. It would also reap the protocol’s economic benefits. A total of 200 million R tokens will be issued.

RABBIT distribution

  1. Community Pool

79.75 percent of overall stock, or about 159,500,000 RABBIT

RABBIT will be published over a two-year period with a declining pollution timeline, which will be spread equally across the ecosystem as a community incentive.

2. Institutional Pool

10.500,000 RABBIT, 5.25 percent of overall production

Allow well-known institutions and investors a 5.25 percent investment limit. Following the conclusion of the investment, 245,000 RABBIT will be released every 7 days, with a total of 10,500,000 RABBIT released within 300 days (about 10 months). Please keep an eye out for the follow-up release for a specific period.

Hard cap:10,500,000 RABBIT = 525,000 USDT
Exchange ratio: 1 RABBIT= 0.05 USDT

3. Development Fund

10% of overall stock, or about 20,000,000 RABBIT

10% of the issued tokens will be used to finance growth which team expansion, and will be subject to the same two-year vesting period as the tokens from the Fair Launch Distribution.

4. Warchest Fund

5% of overall stock, or about 10,000,000 RABBIT

5% of the issued tokens are set aside for potential strategic expenditures. In the first month, 250,000 tokens were distributed for listing fees, auditing, third-party services, and partner liquidity.

Program for pool release in the community

The RABBIT token will be spread uniformly across the entire ecosystem as a community incentive over a two-year period with a decaying pollution schedule.

There will be 159,500,000 RABBIT in total. There will be a promotional period for the first few weeks to incentivize early adopters. Our proposed block incentive schedule is shown below. The circulating supply profile of RABBIT can be plotted using it.

Allocation of Pools

The allocation of points to each pool, which determines the distribution of prizes, as shown below.

Bonus Time

Open deposit vaults and a pancake swap liquidity tank, emission rate: 42 RABBIT/block It lasts for about a week.

Pools — RABBIT / block

  • Deposit Pool: ibBNB — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibBUSD — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibUSDT — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibUSDC — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibDAI — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibBTCB — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibETH — 2.52
  • Deposit Pool: ibCAKE — 2.52
  • Pancakeswap RABBIT-BNB LP — 21.84

Officially Released

When leveraged yield farming was first introduced, the emission rate was 20 RABBIT/block (take this as an example).

Pools — RABBIT/block

  • Deposit Pool: ibBNB — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibBUSD — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibUSDT — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibUSDC — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibDAI — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibBTCB — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibETH — 0.625
  • Deposit Pool: ibCAKE — 0.625
  • Pancakeswap RABBIT-BNB LP — 8.0
  • Pancakeswap USDT-BUSD LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap DAI-BUSD LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap USDC-BUSD LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap USDT-BNB LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap CAKE-BNB LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap BUSD-BNB LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap ETH-BNB LP — 0.875
  • Pancakeswap BTCB-BNB LP — 0.875


From the viewpoint of average consumers, there are strong entry obstacles to using conventional finance — it is difficult for borrowers to obtain a credit, whereas providers reap poor returns. Rabbit is required to address this issue within the framework of Defi in order to provide its customers with high earnings while still rising the fund’s liquidity. This is only one example of a value and transition provided to investors by Rabbit Finance. Rabbit Financing will play a larger positive part in the future finance world.

More Info:

Website: http://rabbitfinance.io/

Github: https://github.com/RabbitFinanceProtocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit

Telegram: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN

Discord: https://discord.gg/tWdtmzXS

Contracts info: https://app.gitbook.com/@rabbitfinance/s/homepage/resources/contract-information

Audit report: https://app.gitbook.com/@rabbitfinance/s/homepage/resources/audit-report

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Bitcointalk Username: Cryptolakshi
Bitcointalk Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2813018
BSC(BEP-20) Address: 0x2FAa553B608CfDa5f30a613b38e299781Beaa2f5

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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