Rise Protocol-Next-gen hybrid rebase token


This project has come at this time with a very long-term value to be offered to customers in the industry. The team has prepared the app to provide potential customers with a network where they can derive long-term benefits and also optimize long-term values. The framework has analyzed so many key features that it would be beneficial for financial investors to develop. This model is a beautiful synthetic rebase asset platform fbag has fantastic financial resources that make it the boundary of the crypto asset class. This network is attached to the Ethereum and is very special because it has so much value. This platform will allow investors to buy RISE, which manages the uncertainty and the price of the asset in Ethereum, as it leads the governance of the cryptoworld. The contributions made by the featured technology would help it evolve as quickly as possible, juggling demand and supplies in the system as the $RISE token is used.


The Rise Protocol is a decentralized synthetic rebase asset with built-in advanced financial resources that allow it to operate as a shield against any crypto asset class. The initial peg to Ethereum (ETH) was chosen on the basis of its fundamental value in DeFi as a whole. This peg is also readily digestible, since investors need to buy RISE using ETH. Rise Protocol controls market fluctuations via flexible availability, deflationary processes, frictionless yields, and industry-leading governance. This mix of technologies and human contributions enables Rising to rise exponentially, but not to outpace demand or supply. Its token symbol is therefore appropriately named-RISE


The Rise Protocol is the most advanced rebase token in the world. While initially pegged to 0.01 ETH, Rise has the potential, by governance, to adjust and be dynamically pegged to any asset class depending on the investor and market sentiment. This makes for a degree of versatility and adaptability that has never been seen before.

A token change happens every day at 20:00 UTC. If the price of Rise is over peg, so due to the price elastic availability, a rebase happens, which means that the holders will immediately obtain more tokens in their wallets. If the price of Rise at 20:00 UTC is 5 per cent below peg for 3 consecutive days, so a supply correction happens. This limits the number of tokens in your wallet, but it raises their worth. After the supply correction, the overall wallet worth would be the same.

Powerful deflationary processes are in effect to preserve the value of Rise to Peg when a Supermassive Black Hole is introduced. This is a visible burn address that increases in size over time by dedicated burns from each sale and frictionless production. The Supermassive Black Hole even rebases the scales. 1% of each sale is shipped to the Supermassive Black Hole. If the Hole becomes bigger, the deflationary effects also increase, forming a feedback loop that scales the deflationary effect exponentially over time.

Automatic delivery of cash prizes for liquidity suppliers. A percentage of each sale will be submitted to the contract and allocated automatically to all liquidity suppliers. There’s no reason to be a stake in the LP tokens. Only keep the Uniswap LP tokens in your wallet to collect incentives. Automatic delivery will be initiated as soon as the contract adds up to 100 Rise tokens. This delivery will be tagged for the next transaction. The sender of this exchange would immediately be over-compensated in Rise tokens for extra petrol costs.


Supply Adjustment However, if the stock price is below 5 per cent of the peg price for 3 consecutive days at 20:00 UTC, a “supply correction” will be activated, which will immediately raise the market price to peg. At the same time as reducing the availability of RISE. In addition to moving away from the “negative rebase” terminology, which in itself has negative connotations, we will also consciously educate our investors and alert them if a “supply change” will arise during the rebase time of 20:00 UTC that day. Investors will be well aware of and informed of the forthcoming “supply change,” avoiding a lot of panic selling that is observed with other rebase tokens.


Liquidity suppliers would immediately offer a reward distribution. Like frictionless returns, except only for those who want to have liquidity - a portion of each trade would immediately be rewarded by liquidity suppliers. There is no need to deal with the gui. Simply keep the Uniswap LP tokens in your pocket, and you’ll see their value rise over time.



The Rise Protocol is the most advanced rebase token in the world. We sell 1 RISE token for 0.01 ETH during the pre-sale time. A limit of RISE 37,500 is available for pre-sale. Minimum contribution per wallet shall be 0,5 ETH, overall contribution per wallet shall be 4 ETH. Please register with the whitelist, as this will guarantee you a pre-sale allocation. Remaining RISE tokens from the pre-sale whitelist, if any, would be available for public pre-sale 1 hour later.

Hard cap: 375 ETH
Total presale amount: 37,500 RISE
Total initial supply: 100,000 RISE
Whitelist Presale Begins: February 7th. 2021, 20:00 UTC
Whitelist Presale Ends: February 7th, 2021, 21:00 UTC
Public Presale Begins: February 7th, 2021, 22:00 UTC


The project is becoming more famous every day. There is a high possibility that the project will become an industry leader with a fantastic team at work. The theory is certainly useful to all of us.

This is a very profitable project, and the team is working very hard on this project, so this project is going to make us a very good benefit.

We who sponsor this project would surely do our best to gain a lot of biodiversity benefits. We’re at the beginning of the process, so we know the framework, and we can spread the voice and encourage people to join this incredible project.


Website: https://riseprotocol.io
Litepaper: https://riseprotocol.io/rise_litepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/RiseProtocolOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiseProtocol
Medium: https://medium.com/@riseprotocolofficial
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/riseprotocolofficial
Discord: https://discord.com

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Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info: cryptoarindu@gmail.com

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