Shinobi Wallet

Shinobi Wallet is a “wallet + DeFI aggregator” application from Japan. It provides users with one-stop assets management service. We aim to become the world’s largest staking transaction company. In addition, because Shinobi Wallet has a mechanism to issue unique tokens, users can receive profits by using this wallet. We developed the best UX by gathering all transaction functions which indicate different needs of users in DeFI projects such as Uniswap, Compound.

Along with becoming a minor and international incomprehensive DeFi gateway, security is carefully considered. It is the first wallet in Asia that keeps users completely anonymous by account mixing. Of course, the cost of transactions is low, so it is easy for anyone to use.

The trade function (Yamato Swap) is expected to earn more than 200 million yen of profit within 2021. In this case, a monthly allocation of 150 million yen will be distributed to UKH owners. If it was a company, this company’s market capitalization would be 50 billion yen or more. In addition, assets are expected to increase significantly due to staking programs.

Furthermore, each DeFi project is now beginning to attract worldwide attention. The market has grown explosively since Compound began distributing governance tokens in June 2020. The inflow of funds has increased 10 times, in April 2021, TVL exceeded 6 trillion yen.

As a result, the value of other types of wallet tokens has also increased. For example, the price of TWT (Trust Wallet Token) which was sold 5 billion yen in April 2020 is soaring. In just two months, it has grown to a market capitalization of 35 billion yen.

Originally, that all on-chain assets are managed programmatically is the greatest merit. However, institutional investors say that this mechanism is not directly related to credit worthiness. Therefore, institutional investors have not been invited to manage on-chain assets.

One of the features of Shinobi Wallet is that it provides various corporate governance functions for corporations to invest. Using Shinobi Wallet, corporations can use a fast custody service to access DeFi. Besides, proper management of humans in services will also gain the trust of institutional investors and invite them in.

Security is also a very important factor in asset management for corporations. Shinobi Wallet has both advanced mixing technology and a well-established system developed by members with abundant practical experience in financial institutions. We also decided to tie up with an Israel fund (a company partnered with the founder of KGR) which has a scale of several hundred billion yen.




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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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