SOCIAL NFT — BNB-based NFT Social Media Platform

Material creators no longer have to worry about how to sell their digital content since the NFT marketplace allows them to quickly and safely issue and exchange their own NFT tokens throughout the world. Content creators and collectors may trade without going via a third party in the NFT marketplace, where the revenues from token sales are received directly by the token owner. As a result, it has the potential to enhance the revenue of content providers.

With the growth of the NFT industry, SOCIAL NFT has evolved into an NFT-based social media platform that allows individuals to build digital collectibles of their choice. Everyone in the world may register and generate their own NFT tokens, as well as purchase and trade digital things, on this website. SOCIAL NFT offers a number of features that enable content producers and token owners to make the most of their NFT tokens. Furthermore, it is protected by blockchain technology, making copying and hacking impossible.

NFT Platform for Social Media

Social media is a platform that allows users to publish their content and connect with other users. However, as technology advances, social media is becoming more than just a place to communicate; it is also a place where users may earn money. This is what SOCIAL NFT is attempting to provide, which is a platform on which users may build digital collectibles of their choosing, which are protected by a blockchain based on the BSC BEP 721 protocol. Through a user-friendly interface, SOCIAL NFT allows people all around the world to quickly register and issue their own NFT tokens. Users may find NFT tokens from their idols here. Users can sell their NFT tokens directly if they so want. Users who wish to become collectors may begin collecting and creating their own SOCIAL book here.

SOCIAL NFT functions as a platform that lets influencers, celebrities, and others to upload digital products that may subsequently be freely exchanged with other users. This enables content providers to benefit proportionally with their efforts.


SOCIAL NFT is a social media network that uses the BSC BEP 721 protocol to let people all around the world to produce, purchase, and sell NFT tokens. Because it is built on Binance Smart Chain, SOCIAL NFT provides users with a better experience, allowing them to complete transactions faster, safer, and at a cheaper cost. As we all know, BSC is one of the greatest chain technologies on the market today, and SOCIAL NFT is delighted to be able to utilize it. But that’s not all; SOCIAL NFT also has the following features:

Full Control: SOCIAL NFT provides individuals with complete ownership over their digital assets. SOCIAL NFT gives customers with a single account from which they can manage all of their digital things. This account is safe and can be accessed from any device.

Rewards: SOCIAL NFT compensates users for their actions. The higher the user’s activity, the bigger the benefits.

Collect: SOCIAL NFT allows users to easily gather digital goods from their favorite social media personalities and save them in their SOCIAL Book.

UX and UI: SOCIAL NFT features a contemporary, clean, and responsive design that allows users to move fast and effortlessly.

SNFT Token

The SOCIAL NFT platform has introduced a native token called SNFT, which will function as a utility and governance token. The SOCIAL NFT coin is built on the Binance BEP-20 protocol and has a total supply of 964,288,953 SNFT. SNFT tokens will be used primarily for payment and governance tokens, but they will also be utilized as prizes for users, network fees, fees, and membership, thus SNFT may be considered a token that will fund the operations of the SOCIAL NFT platform.

Total Supply: 964,288,953 SNFT

Contract: 0x406c3ed15d4537dd23870260cad503b591ff1b31

Decimals: 18


The SOCIAL NFT team began this initiative after noticing the recent rise in NFT usage. According to a DappRadar research, the NFT industry will witness considerable growth as a result of the expansion of the digital and crypto sectors. As a result, SOCIAL NFT feels confident in implementing this initiative. Then, SOCIAL NFT will form a relationship with many parties in order to increase SOCIAL NFT’s visibility.

Following that, SOCIAL NFT will create a mobile application so that users may access SOCIAL NFT more easily from their devices. Then, SOCIAL NFT will concentrate on a variety of topics, including social media items, updating features and services, and growing the SOCIAL NFT platform.


According to a DappRadar study, there is a rise in trade volume and monthly active visitors in the NFT sector, indicating that users are interested in the NFT sector. SOCIAL NFT is a BNB-based NFT social media network that enables people from all over the world to produce, purchase, and trade digital products. SOCIAL NFT enables influencers, celebrities, and others to post, mint, and monetize digital material. Users may also become digital item collectors for their favorite social media celebrities. This is a social media NFT platform that allows anybody to generate, purchase, and sell NFT tokens in an easy and safe manner.

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BTT Username: Cryptolakshi
BTT Profile:;u=2813018
BSC Address: 0xA2f3dEE310133fec376F2061B6BBf2BC9FD8e9D1




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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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