Solidus Technologies — Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Solidus Technologies is a development organization situated in the United Kingdom with a primary concentration on Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Solidus is completing the internal kind of their Eco Friendly High Powered Computing Data Center and Infrastructure as a Service’ stage where Artificial Intelligence companies may be acquired utilizing the world’s first AI.

Solidus is constructing the square chain working structure for public region affiliations using its entire heap of massive business mechanical assemblies. This business project game plan makes use of sharp arrangements, asset the chiefs course of action, character the board course of action, and cycle robotization. The procedure provides a private, undertaking chain designed specifically for nations. It includes the capacity to grant various degrees of authority to authorized clients, ensuring independent endorsement of trades and exercises that set up complete security and obligation while adhering to high assurance criteria.

The Enterprise Block chain Solution for Government enables occupants, occupants, and associations to participate and control their data, creating a secure framework that will expedite government-inhabitant collaboration while protecting data from hacking and distortion.


Solidus AI Tech is a computation network designed to provide course enrollment capability to organizations working on complicated AI projects that need a high level of preparation. The most important requirement is enrolling power, and we want to provide Megacorps, Governmental educated experts, SME’s, and specialists with unrivaled wellsprings of calculating power. We need to put up important AI GPU server ranches in Bucharest, and we anticipate to amass other server ranches around Europe in the future.


Our Research and Development team is on a quest to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption in our server farms that are certified to ISO 14001:2015. Because to their extraordinary efforts, our current equipment consumes 40% less electricity. Our AI equipment will run on a similar IP, making our server farm one among the most environmentally friendly on the planet.

As part of a contributing effort with the Ministry of Education in Romania, we will plant 128 trees around the building site. The top ten National Olympics juvenile PC analyzers will be eligible to participate in the Solidus Educational Awards Program.

Why Solidus AI TECH?

At Solidus AI TECH, we have a clear but important vision. We need to create genuinely interesting server cultivates that can meet the market’s desire for calculating power. When combined with adaptable tools to assist designers in properly passing on and altering their applications, we will undoubtedly revolutionize the way handling methods are managed and conducted. Specifically, if processing costs are reduced, a few applications, for example, CGI Rendering, Scientific Calculation, and Machine Learning, will become more accessible. One of our primary goals is to collect energy-efficient AI HPC server farms.

We are at the stage of passing on AI organizations to our clientele.
When our AI infrastructure becomes online, Megacorps, Governmental trained experts, SME’s, and specialists will need to acquire a range of AI organizations that will include Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, Data Analysis, and so on. The software and hardware in our server farm are distributed to companies via a customer self-organization portal, where the client selects their resources and programming extras.

Solidus, by its construction, will offer complicated estimating genuine data assessment jobs such as:

1. PC-based intelligence as a service for the medical industry to sort prosperity data, locate remedies, and generate antibodies.

2. PC-based insight as a Service for Appointment Automation in the Health Care Industry.

3. PC-based insight as a service for quick up-and-coming candidate profiling and recruiting.

4. PC-based knowledge as a service for lead generation and sales automation.

5. Aides in the Public Service who are located in a remote location.

6. Gridlock / Smart Cities.

7. Control Limitation/Secure Societies

8. Cultivation — Greenhouse Automation

The passed on record association can be used to help a variety of government and public region applications, for example, mechanized money/portions, land enlistment, character the board, stock organization conspicuousness, clinical advantages, corporate selection, charge assortment, projecting a voting form (political choice sand go-between), and legitimate components the leaders.

Why placed assets into AITECH

  • AI is predicted to be a ‘inundation of what’s on the horizon.’
  • There is a shortage of high computing power in the EU, and our goal is to solve any problems that arise.
  • Deflationary representation where we shall finish traditional coin devours
  • A staking stage will be launched, where token holders will be able to secure interest.
  • Additional prizes will be available.
  • AITECH will have a practical use case since it will be used to buy AI companies in the future.
  • All in all, we are the World’s first AI utility coin.
  • Increasing socioeconomic class


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Solidus AI Tech has invested much in Tokenomics and the iconic model. In light of this, the token is anticipated to reflect the achievement of the IaaS stage, as well as to contribute to a healthy atmosphere among token holders, stage clients, and the Solidus AI tech group.

Token Name : AITECH
Token Ticker : AITECH
Recognized Currencies : USDT, ETH
Capability : Subject to KYC and AML
Token Sale Stages : Three
Tokens being sold : 4 billion
Complete Supply : 10 billion
Decimals : 18
Token Type : Ethereum, ERC-20
Public Sale Start Date : 01–12–2021
Public Sale End Date : 31–01–2022
Public Sale Price : 1 AITECH = 0.012738


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