Student Coin — Providing Colleges with Life Options Using Blockchain Technologies

Introduction to Student Coin

Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency to embrace the university network. The initiative currently sponsors 17 universities, including Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics, the University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, and Imperial College London. Many schools will be added in the future to provide more opportunities for other higher education institutions. Student Coin would create a peaceful atmosphere for students from all around the world pursuing higher education.

To make life much simpler, colleges require technologies like blockchain and Smart Contract technology. Blockchain has the ability to be used in higher education for record keeping and the conversion of funds such as school fees. Since Blockchain technology is stable, open, and simple to use, there is little question that it would revolutionize the industry — universities. Student Coin proposes to bind universities all over the world in a non-monetary tokenised manner, as well as to store information and data on the Blockchain, where each university can generate their own based token. Student Coin will actively support all operations in the university’s academic section, including a competent business-oriented and instructional approach. The project will help students learn more about token exchanges on exchange sites, Blockchain technologies, and how Student Coin can be exchanged, invested in, earned, and sent to other users.

Student Coin (STC) Ecosystem

The Student Coin Ecosystem is comprised of three parts, which are;

STC Terminal is a piece of software that will allow students, individuals, colleges, and businesses to conveniently generate and manage tokens. This app will also enlighten individuals who are ready to investigate Blockchain in order to learn more about the invention.

STC Exchange — The exchange would be open to the public, enabling users to seamlessly swap their STC-based tokens. It will also be used to collect money for colleges. It is also known as crowdfunding; it would make it easier for higher education organizations to collect funds by using Blockchain, Smart contract technologies, and STC.

STC App — The STC Software is a smartphone device that will be available on the IOS and Android app stores. It will be used to store, share, and use the utility tokens provided by Student Terminal.

STC Token

STC Token is a utility token that operates on both the Ethereum and Waves Blockchains. This is incredible! Isn’t that right? Users will be able to exchange, send, and receive funds via the Ethereum and Waves networks. Tokens can also be exchanged between the two Blockchains. The token has a limited stock of 10 000 000 000. Following that, no further coins will be minted. The token is available for purchase on the Waves exchange, Kanga exchange, Uniswap exchange, and Cointiger exchange. More listings will be added shortly. Please see the Whitepaper for more information on the STC token’s use case.

Universities supported by Student Coin

STC currently supports over 500 universities in 36 countries. The list of universities will be revised as new relationships with STC are established. The entire list of supported universities can be found on this website:

Mobile App and Token Wallets

STC will have a smartphone app and a token wallet from which users will be able to easily exchange, send, and accept tokens using Blockchain technology. As I previously said, it can also be stored on Ethereum and Waves addresses.

Summary and Conclusion

The bulk of the world’s companies are swirling around blockchain technologies. You should never underestimate its influence. It is so strong that it affects almost every industry. Universities need technologies such as Blockchain to develop a number of fields. STC is here to have the wonderful atmosphere that students have been demanding. Furthermore, it will connect universities all over the world via an easy and user-friendly network focused on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology. Finally, the project’s team is well-experienced, offering developers and customers peace of mind over their investments.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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