Less than a week later, I had a desire to talk about another very interesting and promising project.

Not so long ago, when meeting a friend, we had a conversation about trading on crypto-currency exchanges. A friend told me how he trades and what problems he has. The most interesting thing is that he did not complain about the fact that he has a small percentage of profit from transactions, but complained about the complexity of the trade itself, because he does not trade on one exchange, but on several. I listened to him and told him about a new project called Swap Zilla.

Time does not stand still, in fact, as the development of new technologies. We come up with problems for ourselves, and then we come up with a solution for them. This allows us to develop and create new and useful tools.

One of these tools, in my opinion, will be the Swap Zilla project created by an experienced team of people with at least one important goal, to make crypto-exchange convenient, fast and practical.

Watch This : https://youtu.be/TCth39UmoPE

From this video it is clear that the idea of creating a universal trading platform that works with all popular exchanges will have such a simple interface I would say that it is very interesting! Many people could not even imagine that trading would be so easy and accessible even for a non-experienced trader.

Let’s move on to interesting facts about the Swap Zilla project.

1 Ease of use of the Swap Zilla platform.*

2 information awareness of the trader.*

3 unified KYC procedure for the client.*

4 Low trading commissions.*

5 support 24/7 support.*

I would be grateful if you leave a message under my post about the Swap Zilla project. I believe that many people should learn about it and your support will help.

Project site — https://www.swapzilla.co

White Paper -https://www.swapzilla.co/WhitePaper-eng.pdf

Twitter — https://twitter.com/swapzillaco
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/SwapZilla-2335457683242053
Medium — https://medium.com/@swapzilla
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/SwapZilla/
GitHub — https://github.com/SwapZilla

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