TFS Token — Project Review

Many online casino platforms now accept bitcoin on their sites. By utilizing bitcoin, the platform is able to establish a more efficient and speedier payment mechanism for customers. Cryptocurrencies can potentially take the place of chips as a payment method on the site. With this approach, customers just need to acquire tokens to be able to play on the online casino platform, and they may instantly swap their tokens to a supported exchange if they choose.

What is TFS Token?

TFS Token is a cryptocurrency that will replace the Fairspin platform’s loyalty program. For those who are unaware, Fairspin is one of the most prominent online casino systems, with over 300,000 members worldwide. And now, Fairspin is considering using cryptocurrency to replace the platform’s loyalty program. Fairspin will develop a cryptocurrency called the TFS Token in collaboration with FairPlay. Later, this token will be used as a utility token, which means that users will be able to spend it for a variety of reasons on the platform. TFS Token will eventually become the normal payment mechanism at Fairspin, where it will be utilized by thousands of gamers worldwide.

Like any other cryptocurrency, the TFS Token may be transferred to any wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. Users may simply deposit, stake, and withdraw their TFS Token via the TruePlay Widget platform at any time and from any location.


TFS Token aspires to become a digital currency that will be accepted as a normal payment option at Fairspin, therefore meeting a variety of player demands. With the assistance of the Fairspin platform and the deflationary mechanism, the developer anticipates that the TFS Token will be utilized by a large number of participants worldwide.

TFS Token provides the following functions:

  • TFS Token has a system in place that allows the token to be immediately paid to the user’s account as a reward after placing a wager.
  • TFS Token includes a monthly buyback mechanism. This is done to keep the TFS Token price stable.
  • TFS Token will be listed on Uniswap. If successful, the price of TFS Token is expected to skyrocket.
  • TFS Tokens allow users to stake their TFS Tokens and generate passive revenue every day.
  • Token mining: TFS Token allows players to mine tokens in order to continue playing on the Fairspin platform.
  • TruePlay Widget platform: Through the TruePlay Widget platform, users may deposit, stake, and withdraw their tokens.

TFS Token Interface

TFS Token’s UI is very user-friendly, responsive, and contemporary. The creator describes the TFS Token and its functionality in full here. Users may quickly grasp what TFS Token is and how it works because the developer’s presentation is simple enough for even newcomers to understand. If users wish to obtain TFS Tokens, they must first join the waiting list and await additional information from the team. Users who join the waiting list have the chance to be notified in advance and enter for a reasonable cost.

TFS Token

TFS Token was introduced on the Ethereum ERC-20 platform with the primary purpose of utility tokens, incentives, and stakes. TFS Token has a total quantity of 30,000,000 tokens and uses a token deflationary method, which means the total supply will not rise. As previously stated, the Trueplay platform will allow the purchase and sale of TFS Tokens; users will be able to deposit, stake, and withdraw their tokens using this platform. If consumers wish to get their hands on the TFS Token as soon as possible, they may sign up for the waiting list.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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