TFStoken — The Next Big Thing In Crypto

What exactly is the TFStoken?

TFS token is a new digital currency that will be accepted as a standard payment method at Fairspin, an online casino with over 338,000 real users and a $4,5 million net profit. TFS is a deflationary model token with a limited supply governed by smart contracts and a monthly buyback in which a certain percentage of tokens are removed from circulation. TFS will replace the casino’s current loyalty program and provide new ways to reward players and investors alike through the trueMining and trueStaking programs.

Widget for token holders that is simple to use! You can deposit, trueStake, exchange, and withdraw funds at any time! TFS tokens are automatically credited to a user’s account as a reward after they place a bet. Token staking is permitted. more than 37.5 percent annual bonus The TFS token includes a deflationary model component. TFS tokens can be deposited, staked, and withdrawn directly through the Trueplay platform at any time. Token mining is permitted.


  • Play

Mine TFS tokens to continue playing at Fairspin.

  • Stake

To multiply TFS tokens, use the trueStake option.

  • Exchange

Uniswap allows you to withdraw, buy, or sell TFC Tokens.

TFS token

  • The TFS token is an ERC20 token.
  • True, token mining is permitted. As a reward for participating, TFS tokens will be credited to all users at the end of the playday.
  • TrueStaking of tokens will be made possible through the TruePlay widget on the platform’s dashboard.
  • Token issuance is governed by smart contracts, which generate a set number of TFS tokens based on the current exchange rate and the platform’s daily GGR.
  • TFS is a deflationary token with a limited supply, which means it has a limited total supply of tokens and a monthly buyback in which a certain percentage of tokens are removed from circulation.


TFS token is a new digital cryptocurrency that will be used as a standard payment method within the platform and will open up new opportunities to reward players for playing at Fairspin.

Tokens Allocation

Token distribution is divided into four stages,

Stage 01

TFS will be distributed in three rounds: a private sale, a pre-sale, and a Dutch auction, with a limited supply of 15 million tokens available for purchase.

Token price on each rounds will be set at:

● 0,1 $ on Private Round

● 0,15 $ on Pre-Sale Round

● On Dutch Auction price starts from 1 $ with 0,2 $ as a reserve price.

Stage 02

Following the completion of the token sale, a pool of 10–20% of the tokens sold at the auction will be transferred to Uniswap, with the final auction price increased by 50–100%.

Stage 03

The token staking program is unlocked via the FairSpin dashboard where you can store your tokens for profit

Staking options

1 day — Reward pool 1 percent from FairSpin GGR

3 days — Reward pool 3 percent from FairSpin GGR

7 days — Reward pool 8 percent from FairSpin GGR

Stage 04

Token distribution program will be announced with a limited emission to 20 percent instantly and 2 percent every week, which users can claim anytime.


TFS is a digital currency that will be used as an alternative payment mechanism within the platform and will offer up new options to reward users for actively playing and utilizing TFS tokens within and outside of the network’s borders. Our collaboration with TruePlay has assisted us in branding our loyalty program as well as introducing new platform features that will attract new users internationally. We are thrilled to welcome you all to join us on this adventure as we chart the course for the future of Fairspin cryptocurrency. I too feel that this initiative will be a huge success in the future.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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