The ISLAND — The Brave New World of Gamified DeFi


There is now a trend in which users may produce, sell, or collect digital assets protected by blockchain, known as NFT tokens, via the NFT platform. Everyone may build their own NFT tokens using multiple NFT platforms, one of which is Rarible, which lets anyone to simply, rapidly, and safely produce or trade NFT assets. There are already several NFT platforms that not only provide an NFT marketplace, but also a DeFi function that lets users to participate while simultaneously staking their tokens for rewards.

As the NFT sector continues to expand, The ISLAND promises to deliver an NFTs + DeFi x Gamified platform that allows users to Play, Trade, Earn, Build, HODL, and more in a single virtual environment. Users may begin their trip with their unicorn from their digital wallet. This is a new World of Gamified DeFi in which there is no religion, race, color, or sexual orientation, and everyone is free to live their own life.


If you’re a crypto user, you’ve probably heard of NFT, which is a non-fungible token that may represent digital content that may be exchanged on the NFT platform. However, NFT is not restricted to that; it can also be used to games, where players may play and play and earn; a platform like this is sometimes referred to as Gemified DeFi. Seeing this trend, The ISLAND has evolved into an NFTs + DeFi x Gamified platform, allowing individuals to play, trade, earn, develop, hold, and many other activities on a single platform. The ISLAND enables users to begin their voyage with their Unicorn in the form of NFT coins that are unique to their digital wallet. Users may disclose, explore, shape, and share all of The ISLAND’s features, which are open to anybody on the planet.

The ISLAND is a virtual island where anyone can live with love regardless of religion, race, color, or sexual orientation; anyone can play and earn tokens; and The ISLAND even offers its Passport, its unique ID, through which users can become permanent citizens after spending a certain amount of time on The ISLAND. All of this is only available on The ISLAND.


The ISLAND is a virtual island on which users may play, trade, earn, create, and store tokens. Users may get their unicorn here, which can link them to a variety of different sites and dApps that are ready to serve all inhabitants. The web-based platform allows users to effortlessly purchase, sell, trade, and manage their tokens, allowing them to follow the success of their digital assets. Not only that, but The ISLAND has a number of other characteristics.

free island:

The ISLAND is a free virtual island that does not care about a person’s religion, ethnicity, color, or sexual orientation. The ISLAND is open to everyone.


The ISLAND platform serves as a marketplace for users to exchange their digital assets.

Identity Card:

The ISLAND provides users with the chance to become permanent citizens by providing them with a one-of-a-kind passport and ID.


Users may easily and securely access the ISLAND using a mobile app or a desktop app.


LILE Token is a native token that will be used to sustain The ISLAND as well as a utility and governance token. The LILE coin is based on the Binance BEP-20 protocol and has a total quantity of 3,031,252 LILE. Users who possess a LILE token will receive multiple benefits, including the ability to engage in the staking and farming program, access to numerous features in The ISLAND ecosystem, and so on. LILE coins can be obtained through exchanges supported by The ISLAND.


The ISLAND is a platform that is part of the L ile ecosystem. The ISLAND is designed to be the home of all avatars made on Initially, the team will divide The ISLAND into two halves to isolate the island from the marketplace. The team will then build up various dApps that will help the users. Only until everything is in order will the team begin to build features such as social features, intriguing locations, and novel in-game / on-board decentralized private and public features, incentives, and so on. All of this is possible provided The ISLAND receives support from users and holders, who play an important role in the platform’s sustainability and functioning.


The non-fungible token (NFT) is a token that enables users to purchase, sell, or collect digital objects protected by blockchain via the NFT platform. Not only can NFT be used as collectible digital assets, but it can also be used in games or as Gemified DeFi, allowing users to play and earn. And The ISLAND is an NFTs + DeFi x Gamified platform that lets players to play, trade, earn, develop, and hold, among other things. Users may have their unicorns and trips here, as well as visit many other sites and dApps on the platform and get passports and identities. It is a virtual island where the user may dwell in the light with love.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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