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The genesis of Blockchain technology can be traced to 1991 when 2 visionary tech experts named Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta proposed Blockchain concept. In the year 2008, an anonymous individual whose people generally known as Satoshi Nakamato put this initiative into practical use and developed the world first cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.The principle of Bitcoin based on transparency, security, and decentralization thus, enabling people to carry out financial transactions seamlessly without any friction and intermediaries such as banks. Bitcoin cryptocurrency turned to a huge success, which lead to the developments of several alternative cryptocurrencies such as EOS, Ethereum,Ripple, and more.In a simple term, blockchain is simply a distributed digital ledger network in which each transaction verified in the network are stored into blocks.Within the network, each block consists of transaction data, cryptographic hash of a verified transaction, and a timestamp.

Thousands of Blockhain project has been developed in which the primary goal is to simplify the livelihood of mankind. Bitcoin and Ethereum despite the fact they are the World largest Blockchain still lacks scalability.They have some limitations which we believe in the future could be corrected. Ethereum and Bitcoin transaction speeds are very slow and this limitation will prevent them from solving some real-life problems such as serving as a medium of payment. The Team of VELAS developers having critically examine the situation in the Blockchain Space has developed a modern Blockchain system that will outperform any existing blockchain system in terms of speed, scalability, and security.Today, in this article, i will be discussing extensively about a ground breaking blockchain platform named VELAS. It is a Switzerland based Blockchain project that is capable of processing up to 30,000 transactions per second without paving ways for insecurity or decentralization. VELAS blockchain system have some outstanding features and benefits.


VELAS blockchain system implements a special innovative consensus mechanism called Artificial Intution Delegation Proof of Stake ( AIDPOS). (AIDPOS) system is one of the major pillar of VELAS Blockchain which is being backed by the process called Artificial Intuition. The protocol of artificial intuition tends to balance the artificial software and human consciousness. This protocol enables VELAS blockchain to work in a more efficient manner.


VELAS blockchain system is quite unique, unlike most blockchain system that allows only single digital signature when executing transactions, VELAS blockchain system allows multi-signature system in which multiple people can own an account. In such case of a single digital signature, owners only need to have his private key to access his account but it the case of SCHNORR SIGNATURE associated to VELAS Blockchain, all owners of a particular wallet will have to signs the transaction off before the transaction could be executed in the blockchain.This multisignature system is valid in a situation of partnership business which requires to operate join account system.


There exist some blockchain system that offers high transaction but they have security vulnerability and they are not secured from 51% threats attacks. VELAS Blockchain system guarantees absolute security and at the same time maximum security, this is quite incredible but it’s real. The Network is characterized by the delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm.The network is quite efficient and not subjected to the threat or 51% attacks. In other to validate a new block, the system requires a minimum of 80% consensus


VELAS Blockchain offers multi-currency wallet system, unlike some blockchain system which only offer a single wallet.Users can storage securely some other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin XRP, Monero, Ethereum, and EOS in VELAS wallet. All these cryptocurrencies enjoy the security offers by VELAS Blockchain system. Users can create Mult-Signature for their account. Users take total control of their Wallet through their Private key generated after creating their wallet.


VLX is the native cryptocurrency of VELAS ecosystem.It is a digital assets that fuels the economy of VELAS Blockchain and it has multiple functions.It is used to power smart contract and payment of transactions. Users get 25% discount on fees when using VELAX token (VLX).

Holders of VLX can also stake their token on the Blockchain for supporting the blockchain. This will enable them to earn additional token as staking rewards for supporting the network. The earning potential based on staking depends on the amount of token staked on the Blockchain.Miners are always rewarded handsomely within the network for contributing GPU to the network

RollOut Network Version Schedule

Token Swap: Coin to Velas (VLX) installments are made by means of the Coinpayments stage on July 4, 2019 and will get Velas autonomy day from the first token. It will likewise dispatch the principal Phase to be examined in the Technical Paper: Phase 1 (Pre-Alpha): Making blockchain, coins, exchange structure on 4 hubs. The hub will be controlled by the system supplier during pre-alpha. A savvy contract on the wallet will permit all CPS (CoinpaymentsCoin) coin clients to trade 1: 1 for VLX (Velas). Production of uncommon tokens or computerized resources. Each stage is relied upon to take 3–6 months to dispatch.

Stage 1 (Pre-Alpha): Creation of the blockchain framework structure, coins, exchanges on 4 hubs. Hubs will be controlled by arrange coordinators during pre-alpha stage. Shrewd agreement in wallet will permit all CPS coin (CoinpaymentsCoin) clients to trade 1:1 to VLX (Velas). Making of tokens or custom advanced resources.

Stage 2 (Alpha): Creation of a steady framework, Velas arrangement on 10 hubs and testing AI from arrange coordinators 4 servers. Presentation of Multi-Wallet Containers open and private send capacities.

Stage 3 (Beta): Addition of AI offsprings populating test hubs so as to contend with server side AI. Further development for all the main cryptographic forms of money for Multi-Wallet holder framework for sending, getting and keen agreements capacities.

Stage 4 (Release Candidate): Integration of AI into existing counsel hubs, measure of which is currently set by the AI rationale.

Stage 5 (Release): Launching the full usefulness of the framework. Clients would now be able to download neural system units and improve them for their undertakings utilizing visual devices and acquire for their commitment. Coin hubs will be spun up utilizing prepared neuron arrange pretrained for most conditions and will permit simple arrangement and support of coin hubs.


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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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