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A lot of exciting milestones have been achieved in the soccer industry, both in sport and technology. Earlier this year, Christiano Ronaldo, a Juventus star, surpassed Pele’s record of 757 goals. Again, the Globe Soccer Awards were named the Player of the Century. Lionel Messi has just surpassed the 650 goal milestone for Barcelona and is still on pace to break Pele’s record.

Technologically, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has been adopted and used by FIFA during the past decade and primarily in the last World Cup. Yet the issue continues to remain, what about the introduction of Blockchain Technologies with a working intuitive software that has social community engagement and Advertisement as the key mantra? Thefutbolapp (TFA) is here to fulfill this function. There have been too many software that include live scores, alerts, sporting news, betting events and match fixtures, but none of them have been developed to appeal specifically to the needs of football fans who want to have an organic connection with their teams, favourite players, coaches and fellow football lovers. Once again, TFA is here to fill that gap while still catering to advertisers.


Thefutbolapp (TFA) is an application developed by the Panda HAUS team and originated in Canada. It was developed with the specific goal of creating a single unifying forum where football teams, supporters, coaches and clubs can all engage in real time with events that revolve around the Football environment in a simple and competitive way. Building a vibrant digital culture and economy. In this app, live scores, video updates, news and match fixtures can all be changed remotely by anybody and can now be shared with family and friends; on its own, the app has the ability to be the number one group networking app for billions of fans and millions of players worldwide.

With Thefutbolapp’s Custom Token (TFC), a digital economy is integrated into an app that enables the resources of the city to be exchanged by app owners, developers and donors alike. Goods and services related to real life events can be offered to users of the app, and the token collected can then be used to buy advertising space inside the app. The token can also be used to buy match passes, pay for Premium registration fees in the app and, lastly, support young footballers and other low-income earners in the app. It’s just an app that creates a community where participants will develop into a family over time.


Problem for fans and clubs

So many players are involved in the day-to-day social events of their favourite football teams and teams, but 97% of online football apps are connected to live scores, bets and updates. This forces followers to monitor the actual social media pages of their favorite clubs and players on facebook or Instagram. Any fans enjoy more than one club and have up to four to five clubs as their favourites. These clubs on social media networks and other outlets can be so fun and time consuming. I myself have up to three clubs that I love and support, namely: Manchester United, Juventus and AC Milan, but following these clubs individually can always be a hassle.

Thefutbolapp, the solution in this regard

To fix this problem, the core development team has provided app users with the option to move between clubs. When an app user logs in and selects a club as their primary club, the app user can switch between their desired clubs inside the app and get all their current news alerts, live chats and interactions. This is a “App within the App” that collects information from news articles, websites and social media sites. This makes it easier for the user to comment on the feed section; fans can even communicate with other fans. What I love most about the app is that it has an immersive data chat and a chat room where fans can connect with each other and with the players they follow. These rooms provide predictions and video highlights for unexperienced users of the app to get along with them. TFA delivers live scores to more than six thousand clubs from the first division, the second division and the relegation teams.

Problem for Advertisers and Content creators

Up until now, Facebook and Instagram have been the main platforms to advertise, all of which have more than 2 billion users, so it makes sense to use these new applications. But there’s still an issue with the chance. Private Consumer Bio-data is marketed to third party companies at the cost of the free use of the websites. Again, a lot of traffic is being powered to the sites as a result of the user’s generated content. This can be irritating, since organic content is not compensated, de-motivating the content maker over time.

Thefutbolapp the solution in this regard

Thefutbolapp caters for all of these niches, advertisers and content creators. Advertisers can deliver goods and services to app users and get TFC coins in return while content creators can mine Thefutbolcoin in the app by sharing their useful generated content in Thefutbolapp with thousands of fans, players, coaches and advertisers. Thefutbolapp presents a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

The Problem for Coaches

Coaches primarily use Whatapp to communicate with their field staff, players and also their non-professional staff, such as Cleaners, Doctors, Accountants and Lawyers, to name a few within the club. While Whatapp is great, accommodating up to 250 members in a group and having more than 1 billion downloads from the Google Play Store. It’s not without its flaws, despite these feats. Whatapp is susceptible to hacks, and if the opposing team has access to the group, they can get private information that can lead their team to victory.

Thefutbolapp the solution in this regard

Thefutbolapp (TFA) uses a secure dual factor authentication player-coach interaction forum within the app. The app also presents the club’s ability to add events, events such as the next match schedule, training time, geographical location and tour guidelines.

The problem for professional players

Professional players are superstars who have a lot of fan followers. In fact, in their facebook Twitter or Instagram accounts alone, they’re getting millions of followers. While this is a good thing because it may be a requirement for companies of all facets of life, such as Airlines, Telecommunication, Beverages, Movie Companies to list a few, to obtain endorsements for themselves and their club, they suffer from a lack of an organic relationship with their individual followers. This is not entirely their fault, because the nature of the existing social networks limits this, which appears to be an underlying issue that needs to be solved.

Thefutbolapp, the solution in this regard

Thefutbolapp addresses this issue by auto-tracking all players from the favorite user app team in the social section of the individual clubs; app inside the Futbol app. Also remarkably, the Instagram account of the player can be synced to the TFA, instantly refreshing their feeds.

Problem with Large Advertisers

As mentioned above, any club’s individual app can be found inside the Thefutbol app, this TFA team favor gives them administrative access to the club app. Clubs grant a portion of their Advertising space or a share of the revenue created. The dilemma now lies in the fact that clubs are restricted to going out to sports lovers who have interactive advertising; ads that sound like tv ads. And if this is necessary, audiences cannot engage with an advertising such as clicking for more detail or making an order.

Thefutbolapp, the solution in this regard

TFA offers a tidal wave of advertisers who have the potential to obtain access to particular club supporters in different areas of the world where advertising counts. This is accomplished by using Clickable banners, instant replay of video advertisements that have “shop now” or “learn more” capabilities.


One of the wonderful things I love about this dispensation is that there are many ways to increase the flow of profits. These means are totally beyond the work routine of 9am to 5pm. TFA is offering this kind of potential.

Thefutbolcoin (TFC) allows TFA fans to share among the resources of the numerous holders of shares of the App group. The core team of TFA has cleverly planned out 500 million TFCs for this reason.

Ways to earn….

It is important to remember that with each of the methods that you want to receive, the App awards the operation with points that can be transformed to TFC tokens inside the app and then exchanged in exchanges for ETH, BTC or USFT. Usually, 1 TFC token is worth 5 Euros.

Method 1: Using the app, mining TFC

A fan can gain points for merely using the App, a fan can participate in conversations, make constructive remarks or contributions, check for match schedules and fixtures, and use a range of features inside the App. The App has an electronic meter tracker that tracks any operation and awards the successful user with points when the appropriate milestone is achieved.

Method 2: Making match predictions

Match forecasts have become a major industry today. In virtually every region, there are centers where matches can be forecast, and if the fan accurately predicts a match, the fan can gain immensely on the basis of the odds provided. TFA also has this capability, as soon as the fan predicts accurately, the APP credits the player with points that can be translated to TFC. But the more you accurately estimate, the more TFC the fan will receive.

Method 3: Taking surveys from advertisers

Advertising firms often aim to achieve high standards by attracting more audiences and converting them into dedicated brand consumers; even though it means moving them away from their rivals’ closets. One of the ways in which they accomplish this feat is by undertaking a survey to get a taste of what their customers desire. This potential is introduced in the app. Fans will take surveys and then get awarded with points after finishing them; these points can then be translated to TFCs.

Method 4: Moderating forums

Every ship needs a captain, and every sheep flock needs a shepherd. TFA forums need moderators and fans who decide to play those role(s) to get awarded with big points. Really, it’s not easy to handle people; certain forum users can be so annoying, that they need to be banned or limited for violating the rules that bind the forum.
The representative of the forum will have to be tolerant in this respect. The leader is credited with points for this work, which can then be translated to TFC.

Method 5: Referral System

Upon effective registration in TFA, a referral connection is immediately given to the fan. This special connection can be exchanged with family and friends so they can be welcomed to the forum. Upon active registration and activation of the account, the referrer gains 5000 points equivalent to 1 TFC. Depending in the particular situation, this may become a passive or an active source of revenue. A personal publicity strategy can be made for football fans in a locality and the account holder will be compensated beautifully.

Second, a referrer may receive a percentage of the price paid by advertisers to their followers. If the fan is in the referrer tree, the referrer is entitled to a share of the advertisement revenue. Again, a referrer with a significant follow-up will be given the luxury of supporting goods that are directly involved in TFA; this would be in return for useful points.


First Use: By Merchants

Merchants wishing to sell their goods and services on a TFC wallet can accept TFC as a means of payment. The company had to be successfully identified in the TFC wallet. This retailer will now use the accumulated TFC to purchase advertisement space and thereby draw new buyers.

Second Use: By Clubs

Clubs registered with the TFA ecosystem will sell tickets and their club goods on the TFA website. The fans are going to have to pay with TFC. This method can be conveniently accomplished by pressing a mouse.

Third Use: By Advertisers and Fans

Advertisers must use TFC to run their advertisements on the site and advertisers can purchase these tokens either by selling products and services to football fans within the app’s ecosystem or by purchasing them from popular exchanges where TFC is mentioned. Fans, on the other hand, use TFC to purchase goods and services.

Fourth Use: For Donations

TFC can be donated to a charity or can be used to help talented young footballers who are not financially involved in the App’s ecosystem. As I said before, the consumers of the app are becoming one big family.


Token Name: Thefutbolcoin

Token Ticker: TFC

Token Total Supply: 1.5 Billion TFC Tokens

Token Circulating Supply: 250 million TFC tokens

TFC App allocation: 500 million TFC tokens

Blockchain network: Stellar

Management Team

The executive committee of this phenomenal project consists of 9 members. Over the course of 10 years, this team has worked on complex projects. The CEO George Kafkarkou is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He has run a tech business of up to 800 employees and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It is important to note that the management team is managed by a group of experts, which is a requirement for any good project.


Football has become a sport with the goal of uniting nations and citizens of all races, colors and creeds across the globe. It has also been a means of entertainment for decades since the 1930s. Thefutbolapp also serves these aims, uniting supporters across the world, putting together players, coaches, industry traders, advertisers and content producers. Everyone is going to find a niche within the TFA ecosystem. It’s such a phenomenal app, download it now!


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