ValerStudios — Creating the Next Decentralized Finance Generation

ValerStudios (VLR) is a dark abundance incubator and crypto-economy that also serves underserved networks all over the world. VLR’s 3-Stage Incubator concept allows VLR to take on incubator projects chosen by the VLR people group each cycle. VLR then leads each project and creator on a contemplative journey to create their own crypto-economy.

The ValerStudios Token (VLR) is intended to promote and accelerate the incorporation of persons, tasks, companies, and nations into the crypto and blockchain biological system. VLR Token is great for both creators and financial backers because to the social purpose, speculative possibility, and usefulness that VLR provides.


The ValerStudios Token (VLR) is inextricably linked to their focus on creating plenty for the dark and neglected networks. The VLR Token was created to facilitate and accelerate the entry of persons, projects, companies, and countries into the crypto and blockchain environments. Associating the customer’s present economy with the crypto-environment has a dramatic effect and allows access to capital in a profoundly integrated design.


Through the VLR Token, VLR’s aim is to bridge the abundance gap and drive the creation of generational Black Wealth over the next 100 years. According to a Citigroup research published in September 2020, the United States’ gross domestic product has lost $16 trillion in the last 20 years because to racial shamefulness. Citigroup estimates that closing gaps in hidden wealth and business venture funding will result in $5 trillion in US GDP growth over the next five years. What would the subsequent 95 years be able to include with VLR driving the charge of dispatching crypto-based businesses for the US and the world?


The ValerStudios (VLR) Token is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 non-mintable and deflationary tokens. VLR coin will initially launch on Binance Smart Chain before moving to Flare Networks, a cutting edge brilliant agreement blockchain, when it launches in late 2021. Flare Networks will ensure that trade prices are extremely cheap and adaptability is high in what will be the most decentralized clever contract stage created to date.

Token Name : VLR
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 VLR
Contract: 0xe99c458f443ebfb5476502a1798f8fcdb72cc3aa
Decimals: 18

How might the economy of the symbolic work?

The VLR ecosystem is meant to contemplate and accelerate new tasks, existing businesses, and countries through the establishment of a fully customized crypto-economy through the use of decentralized money devices. ValorStudios’ will supply the whole set-up of administrations and advances to capably send off up to 6 projects like clockwork, including brilliant agreements development, token creation/printing, business technique, and full send off. A decentralized administration approach will be used for the choice interaction. Each project will include components that will restore access and abundance to African Americans, the diaspora, and underserved communities across the world.


The VLR token will provide usefulness to staking pool holders by providing management. This will take into account voting rights, limited valuation, and reward for each work. VLR has just cultivated the VLR’s DeFi marking pool, which will be airdropped into the Metamask wallets of all current holders. The first four projects of VLRs will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. The VLR group would love for you to join the hatchery or buy VLR because VLR makes a difference in the world.

Benefit Token Holder

Projects that join the group are encouraged to stake their tokens in ValerStudios’ foundation marking pool, which is supported by a percentage of their revenue. Giving any VLR token holder the opportunity to get a portion of the benefits from the enterprise in which they participate. VLR can be identified in the VLR Staking pool. As a component of the marking pool instrument, VLR token holders will desire to get tokens from various ventures and stake those tokens in each venture’s marking pool.


ValerStudios is constructing the 8th Generation. The VLR token will play a key role in connecting symbolic holders with eager business pioneers all across the world. A DAO foundation is the finest mechanism for coordinating altruistic assets, selecting optimal partners, and influencing the attributes of community members. ValerStudios is now focusing on bootstrapping the biological system and cultivating a component to gain support from a number of sources. Declarations on the dispatch of an authority VLR DAO shall be sent to the local area as soon as possible.

Specialized outline

The Binance Smart Chain is now experiencing a surge in demand in the VLR ecosystem. The primary utility token is VLR, which will let holders to choose things like ventures accepted into the brooding system and noble cause earning a portion of marking charges.

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

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