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The new millennium has been marked by creative breakthroughs and discoveries in a variety of industries. This is especially true in the case of blockchain technology. Some projects provide ground-breaking cryptographic methods. Using the prior algorithms, new ones are developed that improve on the existing ones and raise them to a higher level. Time has proven that the one-of-a-kind technology of cryptography is extensively employed at various stages and in many sectors of the economy. It has found a large-scale and successful high-quality use in a variety of commercial domains, including financial systems, logistics, healthcare, telecommunications, and many more. The investment in this field is massive, and it will only increase as technology improves.

For example, you hold bitcoin assets, and in order to trade on exchanges, whether buying or selling, you must first open an account with a certain exchange. And this necessitates certain activities on your side, such as enrolling on the site, passing verification, and generating authentication to safeguard your crypto assets. Accept that a newcomer to this system will not instantly understand how to respond appropriately in this case. As a result, he will have to devote a significant amount of time to learning the regulations of the exchange on which he intends to trade. In general, understanding all of the complexities of cryptocurrencies requires a challenging road to begin to comprehend the technology, at least at the basic level. I’ve been doing this for a few years and each time I uncover and discover something new. As they say, our entire lives are one enormous learning experience, and I find it intolerable to waste time watching foolish TV shows and shows. So my idea goes to the fact that you can’t register on various exchanges right now and don’t need to put orders, follow this, or go through the tough phases of registration. You may exchange assets on several swaps, which, by the way, are plenty, and one of them is the Venice Swap platform. Let us now turn our attention to the platform’s functions.

Venice Swap is a decentralized exchange environment with advantages over centralized exchanges. The fundamental nature of cryptocurrencies initially led to the reality that all activities, that is, transactions between wallets all over the world, would be decentralized. Interested parties will be able to conduct crypto exchanges and swaps on the Ethereum blockchain by using the Venice Swap DEX. In addition, the business provides services in the form of a centralized application for trading your funds.

The site’s full debut is expected for February 2022.


  • Coin values in real time
  • Wallet access with top 20 cryptocurrencies combined
  • Providing a list of various currencies available on the platform
  • Extensive liquidity
  • Capability to deploy an IEO
  • Programs for referring others
  • Inclusion in a mobile application (Apple and Android)
  • Support for many languages, as well as other sophisticated features

As a result of the decentralized application, users will be able to:

  • ETH and ERC-20 token trading
  • There is no data storage (decentralized exchange method)
  • Use of ReactJS and Web3JS technologies (without connecting to the main server)
  • Integration with a variety of wallets (MetaMask, Wallet Connect, CoinBase, FortMatic, Portis)
  • Smart contracts that operate automatically
  • Providers of Liquidity
  • Data safety
  • Transactions are completed quickly.

Venice Swap will offer high-quality, simple services as well as cutting-edge trading equipment. Because everything is secured with private keys with the appropriate amount of transparency, it will prevent all types of manipulations. When looking for tokens, you must input the original contract of various coins, which can be found on Etherscan or the official websites of the projects. The platform may be utilized on a variety of devices that are readily available to you.


VENICE tokens are a critical component of the project. This tool is utilized in numerous application use implementations at the Venice Swap site. In particular, as fuel in a variety of alternatives, such as the purchase of crowdfunding services and getting bonuses for holders.

Before sales begin, I recommend that interested consumers acquaint themselves with the VENICE token’s smart contract on GitHub. The amount of tokens is restricted, with 500 million VENICE tokens issued, 180 million of which will be sold.

Token Details

  • 1 VENICE COIN costs 0.003 euros.
  • ETHTerm of token sale: 2 months, with the option of an automatic early completion in pursuit of the ICO’s final goals.
  • Tokens are technically limited to 500,000,000.
  • Adjustable emission: There will be no more token releases.
  • Secure methods of purchasing tokens include Ethereum (ETH) and fiat payments.
  • Hardcap:$39,000,000

Token Distribution

Distributed to Community :36%
Locked for future use:34%
Founders and Team: 12%

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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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