Redefining the ecocycle for precious metals, stones and jewellery by utilizing the power of blockchain and cryptography.

Goldario is the world’s first platform that strives to revolutionize the eco-cycle of mining of precious metals (gold), stones (emeralds), jewellery manufacturing and retail business. This financial instrument is a digitized share in gold and emerald mines and in-house jewellery production for the world market.

Our Vision

We envision to revolutionize the entire eco-cycle of the jewellary industry by utilizing emerging technologies i.e. blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, AI and Fintech. We aim to create an ecosystem whereby we make it easy for individuals — whether typical consumers or institutional investors — to invest in businesses which are backed by the complete ecosystem of precious metals, stones and jewellery manufacturing & retail business, while also taking care of security, auditability and liquidity.

Our Mission

Goldario aims to be the world’s leading platform of choice for consumers and businesses dealing in the jewellery industry. It strives to allow users to obtain and have entitlement over physical mines, jewellery production factories and jewellery retail businesses from across the world, and in doing so, create potential underlying assets backing to Goldario (GLD) Token.

● Liquidity and Accessibility

● Lower Investment Limits

● Trusted and Regulated

● Potential Underlying Business

● Data transparency

● Passive Income

With trustful exchange of digital assets, Goldario provide users with the opportunity to easily liquidate, access and exchange precious commodities i.e. precious metals and stones through GLD Token, which is exchangeable in a crypto trading exchange and can also be used for peer to peer exchange of value. Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, GLD Token can easily be moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7.

● Decentralization

GLD Token is decentralized and community-owned. Deployed on Ethereum Network, it ensures no central point of failures or bureaucratic manipulations

GLD Token will offer a significantly lower fee than any other major online payment system enabling users to send, receive or perform any GLD Tokens at minimal costs

Exchange and transfer of GLD Token is as easy as sending an email. All you need is to download any existing ERC20 Token supporting wallet

GLD Token can easily be exchanged for fiat such as USD, EURO and Pound. Moreover, it can also be redeemed against other commodities such as Gems and jewellery via the Goldario Platform.

For digital assets and the network, GLD Token uses Ethereum based proof of work consensus for transaction confirmation, ensuring that no hacker or bad actors can manipulate any transaction.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies whose value depends on speculations and market supply and demand hype, GLD Token has a direct utility within the Goldario ecosystem whereby it can be exchanged against precious metals and stones.

Get access to passive income by purchasing and holding GLD Tokens. After a certain time, revenue captured from the business activities are distributed among token holders proportional to their holdings.

Token Allocation

Sold through Block Processor 5%

Bonus allocation at BP 15%

Exchange Sales 20%

Sales discount of 10%

50% Bounty Representative

Fund Distribution Plan

60% direct investment

Marketing and Bouncing 30%

4% operation

3% platform development

Team Development 2%

Founding Team 1%


Goldario has an existing infrastructure in Brazil under the name G44 SA (CNPJ: 28,839,840 / 0001–61) and where it has Emerald Mines (G44 Mineração (CNPJ: 31,975,883 / 0001–89) Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Factory , Jewelry Manufacturing Factory, jewelry Retail Business VERT VIVANT (CNPJ: 34,461,941 / 0001–44) and HJOMAA E G44 Mineração (CNPJ: 30,033,381 / 0001–76) shares in gold mines with many reserves. Inoex. Exchnage (Crypto Trading / Crypto Exchange) (CNPJ: 31,548,911 / 0001–81), To develop the necessary infrastructure and expand our operations throughout the world, we have drawn up concrete plans and ambitious road maps, given below.


Explore Goldario’s Journey:

This business is planned and proposed in 2015 and the story begins to be told since 2017 when building a team that contains INOEX, a cryptocurrency exchange. Immediately afterwards, opportunities arose to expand the company’s business in a new field: MINING. The emerald mine in Campos Verdes, Goiás, and share ownership in a gold mine in the north of the country, in the Lourenço district, in Calçoene.


G44 Brazil SA arrived in the emerald city with determination and brave purpose.

INOEX — Inoex.Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that was launched in 2017 and runs successfully with a large number of daily transactions in cryptocurrency exchanges and trading on the MetaTrader5 Platform with various possibilities, such as technical analysis, trading charts and robots, etc.


GOLD — Gold mining was conducted with the HJomaa e G44Mineração company, in Lourenço, in the Cidade Calçoene district in Amapá, where the gold mined together with the extracted emerald stones was converted into jewelry sold by the group.Holding the largest emerald mine in Latin America by having an emerald stock stock and already thinking 5 Million Carats and in the process of cutting and polishing already 400+ miners work there.Official geologist assessment report. See ReportThis assessment report is not even 5% of the total area of ​​the G44 Emeralds Mine.


Vivant Vert. — In 2019, we have launched our jewelry shop, Vert Vivant. The company produces and sells high-end jewelry retail and through direct sales. Soon our store will open in two of the biggest malls in the country. This project is already underway.


Goldario — Now in 2020, we have brought our ICO platform, which is fully supported by the ECO Cycle of Precious Stones (Real Emeralds and Gold Mines), Precious Metals, jewelery and the G44 SA Manufacturing and Retail business network.


Rilis White Paper V1.0Website releaseKickoff marketingFormation of advisory boardPrivate Round Token Sales


Participation in blockshow and blockchain conferencesPublic Round Token Sales

For more detailed information, please visit the link below:

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Bitcointalk Username: Cryptoakaya

Bitcointalk url:;u=2459293

ERC20 address : 0xA2f3dEE310133fec376F2061B6BBf2BC9FD8e9D1




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Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Akalanka Aoki | Review Project

Review ICO, IEO, Exchange Contact Info:

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